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Destination Dubai

15th March, 2015
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Nothing fuels a corporate incentive quite like the promise of a fully inclusive trip to an exotic overseas destination. And this is what a group of ten of the company’s highest achievers for 2014 were treated to in the latest annual incentive exercise organized by Frank Salt Real Estate earlier this year.

Known for its extravagance and disdain for rational limits, Dubai was the chosen destination for this year’s incentive trip. YOU name it, Dubai has it. Or if it doesn’t have it, it’s building it. Or if it’s not building it, it’s dredging up an island to put it on. The busiest of the seven United Arab Emirates, it is growing so fast that if you blink, you’ll miss the latest superlative. It is home to the world’s tallest buildings, largest aluminum plant, longest bridge, biggest mall, and the likes — all of which, incidentally, are about to be usurped any day now by a mightier one.

The team travelled to Dubai, all expenses paid, where they got to enjoy some of the mesmerizing wonders that this haven has to offer. They were treated to five-star luxury all the way, dinners at lavish restaurants, off-roading in the desert, a private suite for the horse races, cruising on the Dubai river and even skiing in the Dubai Ski Mall!

The trip included brainstorming sessions, key meetings and planning exercises – all of which will be relayed to the rest of the Frank Salt team in the coming weeks as part of the company’s on-going development strategy. These were also held in private dining rooms at iconic destinations, including level 125 of the Burj Khalifa towering over the Dubai city landscape, at a private beachfront area of the Sheraton Jumeirah beach and at the Meydan Racecourse, hosting some of the worlds’ most famous horse racing events. These meetings covered several topics and operational areas. Aspects discussed included the improvement of the customer experience for clients buying or renting a property through Frank Salt Real Estate, as well as the provision of a more comprehensive service to vendors and landlords who entrust the company with their property.

The idea driving this annual incentive initiative is to select people from the various tiers within the company, including managers, consultants, sales and letting staff, administrative personnel and secretaries, and to reward them with an incredible vacation. This also encourages them to feed their ideas into the general running of the company, helping it to constantly grow and improve.

This year’s team was composed of Company Director Grahame Salt, Property Sales Consultants Dylan Micallef, Josianne DeGaetano and John Middleton, Letting Consultants Edward Aquilina and Matthew Buttigieg, Branch Secretary Marcelle Mercieca, Branch Managers Omar Xuereb, Marie Grech and Patrick Xuereb and HR Manager Sandra Aquilina.

“It really was the experience of a lifetime for the people who attended,” stated Grahame Salt upon return to Malta, “offering a good element of fun and extravagance, coupled with plenty of meetings that align with our recently-unveiled strategy. It was fantastic to share ideas in a relaxed environment with our excellent team and develop a deeper understanding of our client and team-member needs. And, as the result of the discussions in Dubai, a number of concepts will be formulated and implemented as part of our strategy and vision for 2015 and beyond. Everyone had so much to give to the company and we love to listen to new ideas from the people ‘on the ground’.”

Given the expansion plans for Frank Salt Real Estate, which also include the opening of several new branches, the company is in the process of hiring more staff members. “These are exciting times for Frank Salt Real Estate, and our team is growing as a result,” continues Grahame Salt.

“I felt very honored and appreciated by the company when I was chosen to join the trip to Dubai.” commented Marie Grech, “Very few companies offer such rewards and that shows that the company Directors really appreciate the work every consultant does. It just makes you feel proud (or let’s say prouder) that you are part of the organization.”

“I am quite motivated as a person anyway but it gives you a buzz to be able to tell people you have earned a place in the top performers and going to Dubai as a treat.” Added John Middleton. This was also highlighted by Dylan Micallef, “It is good for people out there to know that working at Frank Salt Real Estate is not only about making good money and actually enjoying your work. The company is one that will reward hard work and that will listen to everyone’s point of view, be it its employees or its customers. This is what makes this incredible company tick.

“As part of our effort to recruit more people, we now offer new remuneration plans that really do give the best return possibilities available for consultants in Malta. We also pride ourselves on our family-oriented, fun and forward-thinking work environment, which rewards hard work, goal achievement, collective team effort, dynamic thinking and innovation.

“So who knows? It could be one of our new recruits off on our incredible incentive trip in 2015!” Mr Salt adds. Following Dubai this year and Las Vegas in 2014, we wonder which destination will be next…

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