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A very busy year ahead for the Overseas Division

12th March, 2012
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2011 was a record year for Frank Salt Real Estate’s overseas promotion, participating in just under 20 property exhibitions and seminars. 2012 is likely to be no different.

In line with its overseas marketing strategy to increase awareness on Malta and its property offering, 2011 has seen Frank Salt Real Estate investing greatly in promoting Malta overseas, mainly through participation in international property exhibitions across the world, including China, Scandinavian countries, South Africa, the UK and other countries. 2012 is set to be no different with the company having already participated in three major international property exhibitions in Sweden and the UK. The company will shortly be attending a business delegation in Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, and will also be holding a number of business road shows in various countries.

When considering sales to foreign clients in 2011, this was not the best year ever – particularly due to the removal of the old Permanent Residency Scheme, the turmoils in Libya, the Euro crises and the global recession – however the company still believes that this market holds excellent potential. “We strongly believe in Malta’s attractions when it comes to the foreign market. There was a time, when Malta appealed mostly thanks to its ideal weather, warm climate and its beaches.” said Joseph Lupi, Managing Director. “However, today, Malta offers much more than that. We have clients who purchase property in Malta to benefit from the county’s financial and taxation benefits, others who simple fall in love with the island and our way of life, whilst others see the potential of the island’s property market, and opt for a secure investment. The combination of these elements, together with the Maltese’ friendly disposition, the proximity to mainland Europe and central position in the Mediterranean, the islands’ infrastructure, EU membership, excellent health services, prime education system, and our heritage in general ‘seal the deal’ so to speak.”

Frank Salt Real Estate has always been on the forefront where it comes to the foreign buyers and has been participating in similar events from the 1980s and over the years the company has covered practically all the world, from China, Russia and Honk Kong to Dubai, South Africa and mainland Europe. In today’s age, the initiatives have expanded further and the company today also runs and organises its own seminars and events, in association with its overseas agents.

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