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5 Government Grant Schemes

11th May, 2018
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On the 2nd of May 2018, the Malta Government Gazette issued a notification about the launch of 5 Grant schemes which are relevant to property owners.   The schemes  offer cash refunds for purchases pertaining to:

1. Solar Water Heaters
2. PV Systems (including inverters and support frames)
3. Water Cisterns (water recycling, repair and maintenance of private wells)
4. Heat Pumps
5. Thermal Insulation (Thermal roofing and double glazing)

The Schemes are already open for applications and will remain open until the end of 2018 or until funds last.

The government grant schemes are intended to support individual home owners invest in improving the energy performance of their residential (and in some cases long-term rental) property, by giving a refund of up to 50% of the cost, up to a maximum of €700 to €2,300, depending on the scheme selected.

Before investing in any of the equipment mentioned above with the intention to get a grant, one needs to apply and get approval from the Regulator for Energy and Wa-ter Services (

The Schemes follow a two-step application process. The first application requires approval prior to the purchase of the equipment and the second after the full instal-lation has taken place.

Once all the paperwork is deemed complete and correct by the processing entity, the grant will be paid to the applicant through a direct bank transfer.

To learn more click on the links below or contact your Frank Salt representative.

Water Heaters and Collectors Scheme

 Heat Pump Water Heater Scheme 

Insulation and Double Glazing Scheme 

Domestic Cisterns and Restoration Scheme 

PV Grant Scheme [this one is from 2016] 

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