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Why Should You Consider Relocating your Business to Malta?

12th February, 2016
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Malta has one of Europe’s fastest-growing economies, but why exactly should you consider relocating your business here?

If you’re thinking of relocating your business, then Malta should definitely be at the top of your list. As an island nation enjoying 300 days of sunshine a year and some of the best tax rebate policies in the EU, it will give your business and your employees a great base to work from, and live in.

But what makes business relocation to Malta so attractive, exactly?

At the Crossroads: Located bang in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, Malta is situated at the crossroads between Europe, Africa and the Middle East. As a member of the European Union, Malta also has accessibility to the European Union’s trade agreements and markets.

Better Tax Rates: Malta’s tax rebate policies are surely one of its main assets, and they have encouraged business relocation from all over Europe and beyond. Moreover, in 2014, the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitive Index ranked Malta 24th in market efficiency and 10th in bank reliability.

An Able Workforce: While Malta doesn’t have Many natural resources, the government is constantly investing in higher-education, with around 11,500 students reading for a degree at the University of Malta at any given point. Most Maltese are also fluent in more than one language, with English and Italian being the most popular. Global companies working in IT, aviation and pharmaceuticals – to name but a few – have all tapped into this workforce.

A Balanced Work-Play Lifestyle: When relocating your business overseas, it’s also good to keep in mind your workers’ well-being – and Malta fares incredibly well in this sector too. As one of the smallest sovereign nations in the world, Malta’s size makes it easy for workers to commute. It also has a thriving arts and culture scene, an established foodie culture and various places of entertainment; which makes finding a balanced work-play lifestyle easier than in most European cities.

Of course there are many more reasons for relocating your business to Malta and we’d be happy to help if you have questions!

Get in touch.

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