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Introducing state-of-the-art development, BOSI

9th February, 2016
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Commercial property is more in-demand than ever before – and the industry is meeting those demands. Frank Salt’s commercial manager Rita Schembri details how the sector is thriving and keeping up with the ever-increasing demand and goes on to introduce their exclusive new state-of-the-art development BOSI.

The demand for excellent new commercial properties has led to some truly outstanding commercial developments recently coming onto the market.

One such development is BOSI – Business Offices Services International, which is the latest addition to Malta’s portfolio of very high-end offices.

“At Frank Salt, we have recently been engaged as sole agents for BOSI and we are thrilled to bring this development to the market. It truly is an exceptional option, providing contemporary office spaces complemented by state-of-the-art meeting and conferencing services, and a range of other office amenities. We are proud to have been trusted with its promotion.”

BOSI is no new name on an international scale, having similar office developments in Luxemburg, Cyprus, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Mauritius, among others. This new local block, which was launched in 2015, is mostly filled with natural light and a large number of its offices have beautiful country views.

“What’s more, this business centre provides an entire suite of services that are tailored specifically to the needs of the occupants,” continues Rita. “This enables them to focus on their core business in a functional environment, while being supported by an excellently-trained team of IT and administrative staff. Moreover, with monthly rentals starting from just €650, BOSI Malta offers practical and affordable office rental solutions for both businesses and professionals looking to set up an office in Malta.”

A word of advice from the professionals

So with all sorts of fantastic commercial options out there, how do you choose the right one for you? Rita has some final advice. “Do your homework,” she says. Profits are there to be made if you invest wisely. Decisions need to be researched not rushed, and, as in any other profession, seek the right assistance only from reputable firms. Clients constantly tell us that every penny spent on the services of a commercial property professional are in the long run an investment as the results show for themselves in the correct choice of property, whether bought or leased. The decisions you make and the property you ultimately choose for your business could make all the difference to the future of your bottom line.”

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