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EXCLUSIVE! Richard Branson’s International “Lunar Gardens” project launched

1st April, 2022
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Richard Branson

EXCLUSIVE! Richard Branson’s International “Lunar Gardens” project launched and it promises to have the best view of earth! Maltese Agency amongst the first to offer this exclusive address.

The biggest news this week is that Malta’s Leading Estate Agency, Frank Salt Real Estate will be one of a selected conglomerate of estate agents that will be selling Richard Branson’s first ever real estate luxury residential address on the moon.   

Called “Lunar Gardens”, the huge complex was one of the final design concepts byworld-renowned architect Zaha Hadid and her team of architects, before her demise in 2016. The same firm of architectures also designed Mercury Towers in St Julian’s. These super-luxury units on the moon will be located on the slopes of Leibnitz Beta, one of the highest natural elevations on the moon and promises to offer the very best views of the Blue Planet year-round. 


Those interested in getting their own slice of extra-terrestrial real estate will have to pay in the region of €2,400,000 for a basic two-bedroom unit up to €27,000,000 for one of the Imperial Suites which comes complete with a butler. Owning one of these lunar homes will give you access to a vast recreational complex that includes a golf course, several swimming pools and shopping complexes with many top-end luxury retailers that all have already signed up as anchor tenants. For an extra fee, you can have everything organised and kept in tip-top shape such as fresh flowers in your unit, maintenance all year when you are not in residence on the moon and if you want, you can enter the rental management scheme which promises to make any owner of a Lunar Gardens unit a very good income. 

How to get there?

To make the offer more enticing, those that own units in Lunar Gardens will get huge discounts from Virgin Galactic – also owned by Richard Branson – that will act as “taxis” between the earth and moon, with the rocket plan trip only taking 1.5hrs and will be launching monthly flights from its base in New Mexico.  

Residents of the 400 Lunar Gardens units will form the first colony from earth to have a permanent address on the moon, and are expected to be completed in 2040. 

How your new home can look

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Once in a lifetime

Frank Salt Real Estate’s director Grahame Salt said: “We are tremendously honoured to have been chosen as one of just 20 companies to represent this exciting development. We have gone through a rigorous interviewing process the last year and a half and it has been one of the best-kept secrets in global real estate. This represents a milestone in our history as a company and we are privileged to be involved and to date we’ve already had 7 sales to wealthy clients, most of whom hail from Malta’s business community”. He added: “This will be one of the best investments in real estate for decades, as not only is it exclusive, but it won’t be repeated in the near future as agreements have been signed to keep development on the lunar surface to a minimum for at least 10 years after Lunar Gardens have been completed. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity”. 

If you are interested in acquiring a unit or suite in Lunar Gardens, please contact Frank Salt Real Estate’s International Division on 2277 0128. 

Get in touch.

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