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5 Great Ideas To Make Use of that Unused Room

16th April, 2021
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We all have a room in the house where the door is practically permanently closed or that we are still
figuring out what to make of it. It’s a space we tippy-toe past and can’t bear to go in as by now it has been filled with all the clutter or clothes that no longer fit or are too retro to be seen in. Maybe the
children previously using the room have left to go to university, got married or went abroad. Perhaps you have kept this room ready for guests and family to come and visit but now realised that this is not really
likely to happen, leaving it to stand unused and empty most of the time.

Whatever the reason, here are five options for putting that room to good use.


1. Home Gym

If the pandemic has turned you into an at-home gym bunny, then your first thought is likely to be to do
the space up as an exercise room. Home workouts can be tricky if you don’t have a designated area – you know you hate having to keep moving coffee tables or that desk out of the way each day to make space and trying to do yoga or the latest 6-pack challenge while the kids or pets disrupt you. Stretching your limbs in a room that’s devoted to exercise, with your equipment all to hand, will not only be easier, but you’re likely to be more motivated and find yourself having better discipline too. Plus, it’s a great excuse to close the door and enjoy some time to yourself.


2. Crafts Room

Whether you have a whole room, a corner or maybe an unused cabinet to house your crafting space, why not turn it into a crafting retreat where you’ll love to spend time? If it is just a cabinet or wardrobe, see if you can add some shelving, a countertop or maybe a pegboard on the back wall for craft storage. The beauty about this is that you can always shut the door to hide away unfinished crafting projects. Alternatively find a clean wall in a room that you barely use and stock it up with floor-to-ceiling shelving. This will provide additional storage, and if you also put in a small desk, it will also give you a practical crafting work surface. If this will only occupy part of a room, you can also introduce a room divider to stylishly split up the space and conceal the projects that you are concocting. 


3. Office Space

A lot of people now work from home. If you are one of them, you would not want to do your tasks while
your kids are running around the house or your dogs are chewing off your computer lead. Having your own space while doing your zoom meetings or brainstorming your next marketing strategy can make your productivity score soar higher. You can start by decluttering the space, setting up a desk with a chair, and you’re all set to beat your deadlines and avoid spreadsheet toil. 


4. Walk-in Closet

You have always wanted a glamorous custom closet, but the small closet in your bedroom just isn’t cutting it. That spare room in your house may just be the right solution for you to finally have your very own walk-in closet. Doing so can reap instant rewards such as easily finding the right summer clothes you stashed last winter or not fighting with your spouse over drawers. If the space is too big for it to be an entire room for your wardrobe, you can always combine it with a home office or a hobbies room.


5. Rental Space

Who wouldn’t want to rake in a few bucks out of a rental space? Take your repurposing task to the next
level by turning that empty space into an extra source of income. Design it with essentials such as toiletries and towels and you’re all set to welcome your new renter. If you need help advertising your space, our Letting Division can be of great help. Our agents will be more than happy to answer any of your questions about renting a space.

Need more information about renting out a room or a property? Browse through our website for more tips and guidelines. You can also get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to answer any of your questions about letting your property.

Get in touch.

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