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10 Useless Kitchen Gadgets and Why Never Buy Them

12th August, 2021
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1. Muffin Toaster

Why use a special toaster for muffins when you can just use a standard toaster or warm up your muffins in the oven or microwave? It’s far easier to use. Plus, you do not have to make space for this rather large gadget in your already full cupboards or clutter countertops even further.

Muffin Toaster
Pickle Picker


2. Pickle Picker

It is doubtful how many people will have a special tool for getting pickles out of a jar unless you are still stuck in the Victorian era. Your fingers or a bog-standard fork will do the same job, just better.


3. Herb Scissors

Looking nifty and easy to use, first you have to find it in the drawer and then clean it afterwards; prying the stuck pieces of spring onion, thyme or whatever herb you have used from in-between the many pairs of blades. Time consuming and chopping the herbs with a knife or using normal scissors is far easier.

4. Egg Slicer

Most people find this tool handy when making egg salads and it is even a very sought-after utensil in some catering circles, but the average person will not usually go as far as slicing eggs? We mash them, cube them, fry them, scramble them…but let’s face it, no one really has time to arrange
evenly sliced eggs on a plate in today’s busy world.

5. Banana Holder

Besides getting side-glances whenever you take it out to eat a banana, the payoff of this utensil is that it is a conversation starter, for sure. If people get past the shock of seeing this usually yellow, curved container coming out of your bag, it will result in a good laugh and some interesting remarks. Other than that it is not good for anything else.

Bread Maker

6. Bread Maker

Many people swear by them and how easy they are to use for making onion bread, savoury bread, bread, sweetcorn bread, you name it. Ask them a few weeks later and it’s unlikely that they are still using it after picking up double-digit kilo’s from eating bread with thick butter, hot out of the bread maker non-stop! It is at this time that it gets shoved to the back of the cupboard or gets a hazard sign on it.

7. Popcorn Machine

Another dust-gatherer…it takes up space, looks ugly because it usually gets designed in colours with children in mind that does not blend harmoniously with any kitchen interior unless you own a theme park or a circus. After a while, it gets sticky, smells of smoky oil and never ever can be completely cleaned unless you disassemble all the parts.

Popcorn Machine
Deep Fryer

8. Deep Fryer

A deep fryer requires at least 5 or 10 litres of oil, splatters everywhere and makes the house smell like a takeaway fish and chips shop for days. Many have tried, few have succeeded. This is only for serious cooks at home who use it regularly. Oh, we have to mention that the 10 litres of oil you just used for your calamari is now no good for anything else but other seafood. You need to clean the entire fryer first before you can fry anything else like doughnuts. If you like a challenge then this one’s for you. Or give it to your worst enemy.

9. Salad Spinner

Loved by many, ignored by just as many. It is actually very good at doing what it is supposed to do, but when you are in the throes of making a salad is usually the time you remember you have a salad spinner. But when all the greens are available pre-washed in a bag you simply have to snip open, who cares about a salad spinner?

Fondue Set

10. Fondue Set

A must-have in the 70s and 80s, the fondue set has tried time and again to make a comeback. The latest version is guised as a chocolate fondue set. What’s the difference? Same mess, same intensive clean-up afterwards and it gets used once every two years. Or that’s what you promised yourself! Most say never again.

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