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Mark Mercieca

Property Sales Consultant

About me

Mark is not the type of person who likes to be stuck behind a desk or closed in an office, so way back in 2003 he ventured into the Real Estate industry. The professional training provided at Frank Salt Real Estate has helped Mark throughout his career. The principals and values of the company have not changed, and he has carried them with him through all these years. Mark believes that Real Estate is not just about selling property. It also includes knowing a little about art and design, architecture, law, banking, local culture and some psychology to be able to reach out to all the different types of people one meets along the way.Mark has a keen eye for detail, and enjoys meeting people from all walks of life. He also believes that being fair and honest takes you a long way and this is how he always dealt with clients throughout these years, many of whom contact him again and again for their property requirements or refer clients to him. Mark speaks Maltese, English, and Italian fluently and has some knowledge of French which has helped him to easily communicate with clients. Since joining Frank Salt Real Estate, Mark is happy to say that he has always managed to find a good balance between work and leisure – comfortably raising his family of four whilst enjoying his passion for sailing.

Client Reviews


We are always so quick to make a complaint, that I decided that the service that I received from your company needed a letter of thanks.

Selling a property in Malta while not there and because of Covid, having not been there for nine months and can’t get there in the foreseeable future was always going to be difficult. Especially a 400 year old house with ‘issues’.

Mark Mercieca took the challenge and today we signed. Well someone at Frank Salt signed on my behalf. I am sure that neither Mark nor ANY of your sales people have ever had to work so hard on a property.

Electricity readings, sending photos of every room to send to transport companies, meeting two trucks on site to organise collection, getting the light fittings removed for me and organising a clean-up. Even walking round with a live video to me when the removal truck was there. He was great.

I have no problem of this referral is used and have no problem referring Mark to anyone wanting to sell or buy a property. A true gentleman!!!!

I. Wienburg

December 2021

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