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Żejtun is a city in the south-eastern region of Malta, with a population of 11 500. It is a major centre on the islands, with a significant contribution to the islands’ history, arts and commerce. By 1575, the parish of Żejtun contained nineteen churches.The parish of Żejtun is one of the oldest on the islands and already existed in 1436 and is well-known for the remains of a Roman villa in the area. Żejtun is strategically located between three important ancient harbours, that of Marsa to the north, and those of Marsaxlokk and Marsascala to the south. The area was occupied since prehistory. Late Neolithic remains were found near the megaliths of Ħal Ġinwi, as well as the megalithic remains at Tas-Silġ, found on a hillock between Żejtun and Marsaxlokk. Remains of the temple at Ħal Ġinwi were found in the vicinity of San Niklaw chapel, between Żejtun and the Tas-Silġ temple.

The area is known for its beautiful, large villas and great houses and an art historian’s dream.

The patron saint is St. Catherine of Alexandria and the days of the festas are the third week of June and 25 November.

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