I was extremely impressed with Simone and the service I received. He displayed excellent understanding of my criteria, better even than myself, this place that I’m living in now was not in the original area I was looking, but Simone sensed that it was what I wanted and brought it to my attention. He must have been looking diligently because the place had only just become available.

Simone was also really pleasant to deal with throughout the process. He was professional and attentive to me and he also displayed great charm with the landlord Roberta, taking the time with us, not rushing at all, and always advising me of my options and answering my questions.

I can tell you from my side that I have had the most wonderful few night’s sleep in my new place – all the stress and uncertainty of the search is gone and I know I will be really happy in my new place. I’m writing this from my balcony in the sunshine and I have absolutely no doubts that I have found what I was looking for.

So – a huge thank you to Simone from me, I was very happy to take the time to write this email, I definitely owe him a beer sometime!