I am currently in the process of signing a promise of sale for a house of character in Naxxar that was solely represented by your agency.

Since tending to my request form way back last October, Mr Nikolay Vidolov has patiently taken me around for viewings of multiple properties. He was very attentive to my requests and always managed to fit the viewing appointments as desired, despite my busy work schedule. He respected with no undue pressure my wish to suspend the viewing appointments for a few weeks till I tended to a family issue and immediately responded very supportively to my request for proceeding with the purchase that I look so forward to call our new home.

I can’t thank him enough for always being there for me, replying to all my numerous texts even at weekends, supporting all my choices and requests even though not always easy ones. Thanks to his calm and extremely helpful attitude over these past months, I can say I found a friend in my estate agent representative. I highly recommend him as soon as my colleagues or friends mention starting a property search.