… Back in mid-July of this year, I had the very good fortune to connect with one of your Property Letting Consultants, Ms Nicola Winter. From our very first interactions, it was clear she was dedicated to serving us. I count 42 emails from Nicola, an equal number from me to her, and a large number of WhatsApp and texting exchanges. Every single question I asked Nicola was answered clearly, to the point, and promptly. Though I worried about overloading her with questions, she consistently encouraged me to continue asking questions so I could better understand what I was getting into. In my 25+ years working with realtors in my home of Corvallis, Oregon, I have never known another realtor who was dedicated to helping, as Nicola. I can assure you that based on our experiences, I will make sure that future Fulbright scholars, colleagues, and friends we have who might come to Malta are made aware of the wonderful experience we have had with Nicola and your agency. Thank you.