As a new immigrant from an Eastern culture, we traveled a great distance to Malta so our child could receive an international education. Malta, a small country, may lack many natural resources such as forests and lakes, but it boasts an ancient and rich history, warm sunshine, and vast, clear seas. These qualities reflect the sincerity, warmth, and simplicity of the people here.

During our home-buying process, we encountered various industry professionals who left a deep impression on us. Ultimately, it was Mr. Simon Marchett who, with his professionalism, responsibility, and extensive experience, helped us complete our first home purchase abroad. The process was lengthy and filled with ups and downs due to the differences in Eastern and Western cultures and systems. Without his diligent, patient, and meticulous coordination and problem-solving, our transaction might have fallen through.

Overcoming challenges together and achieving mutual success was more than just a business triumph. It was a testament to the fair functioning of national systems and laws and to the relentless efforts of professionals like Mr. Simon Marchett. In our hearts, Mr. Simon Marchett has come to represent the democracy, fairness, sincerity, and enthusiasm of Malta. We hope to share this good fortune with future friends and hope that whether Maltese, immigrants, workers, or tourists, we can all cherish this Mediterranean gem, appreciating both its natural beauty and the beauty of its people.