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Kercem, a hidden treasure on Gozo

Kercem on Gozo is a charming village that seamlessly blends history and culture and is known for its warm and welcoming atmosphere. Kercem is an excellent area for not only families; it attracts a diverse range of residents seeking a peaceful and idyllic lifestyle in a village conveniently located right next to the capital Victoria. Archaeological evidence have shown that Kercem has been occupied as early as 5000–4500 BC.

The community of Kercem is characterised by a mix of locals and expatriates, creating a vibrant tapestry of cultures. Traditional Maltese families have long called Kercem home but in recent years, the area has also become popular among expats and retirees drawn to its serene ambience and the preservation of an authentic Maltese way of life.

One of the key reasons Kercem stands out as an excellent area is its tranquil surroundings and convenient location. The village is surrounded by lush countryside, offering stunning views of rolling hills and even vineyards and it is at the crossroads going to Victoria, Xlendi, Ta’Pinu, Gharb and San Lawrenz. It is easy to walk from Kercem to any of the adjoining villages, especially the capital of Victoria.

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Kercem is home to a mix of traditional Maltese townhouses, terraced houses, maisonettes and charming farmhouses, providing residents with a range of housing options. Many of these properties boast rustic features, adding to the village’s overall charm although many have been renovated and upgraded to include all the latest mod cons.

The village is also known for its close-knit community spirit with residents often engaging in local festivals, traditional celebrations and communal activities. The friendly atmosphere here and the neighbourly connections make Kercem an excellent place for families, retirees and individuals looking for a supportive community.

For those who appreciate history and culture, Kercem offers a glimpse into Gozo’s past. The surrounding landscape is dotted with historical sites, including ancient chapels and an impressive aqueduct built by the British between 1839 and 1843 to transport water from the limits of Kercem to Victoria.  

Also in Kercem is where you will find the Kercem Ajax Stadium, one of the largest stadiums in Gozo. It’s mainly where the Gozo Football League Second Division games take place, and it proudly serves as the home ground for Kercem Ajax F.C.

Interestingly, the sleepy hamlet of Santa Luċija is part of Kercem and it takes its name from the church situated in the middle of the hamlet. The original chapel was dedicated to St Lucy. From here one can get access to Saint Raphael Lake and onwards take a path through the surrounding fields that will eventually lead you to the cliffs leading to Ras il-Wardija, a site of an ancient Punic settlement that included a small temple.

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