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Marsascala is a sea-side town in the South Eastern Region of Malta.Situated around the small harbour at the head of Marsascala Bay, a long narrow inlet also known as Marsascala Creek.

The parish church is dedicated to Santa Anna and the feast is celebrated at the end of July. The town has a population of 15000.

The bay and the old small village are flanked by two valleys, through which a spring of fresh water used to flow down. Human inhabited the area since pre-history, as evidenced by a number of archaeological remains. Some of the ancient remains are the cart-ruts.

Early Christian catacombs, as well as Roman era remains, were discovered and it was also a Roman port. Remains of Roman Baths were also found.

Saint Thomas Tower was built in 1565 and it has been recently restored. Marsascala has various other towers, but these were built privately by wealthy residents as fortified houses. These include Mamo Tower, Tal-Buttar Tower and Tal-Gardiel Tower.

Four identical Roman Era ship anchors were found in the bay during the 1960s and is now in the Malta Maritime Museum.

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