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Marsascala is a sea-side town in the South Eastern Region of Malta.Situated around the small harbour at the head of Marsascala Bay, a long narrow inlet also known as Marsascala Creek.

The parish church is dedicated to Santa Anna and the feast is celebrated at the end of July. The town has a population of 15000.

The bay and the old small village are flanked by two valleys, through which a spring of fresh water used to flow down. Human inhabited the area since pre-history, as evidenced by a number of archaeological remains. Some of the ancient remains are the cart-ruts.

Early Christian catacombs, as well as Roman era remains, were discovered and it was also a Roman port. Remains of Roman Baths were also found.

Saint Thomas Tower was built in 1565 and it has been recently restored. Marsascala has various other towers, but these were built privately by wealthy residents as fortified houses. These include Mamo Tower, Tal-Buttar Tower and Tal-Gardiel Tower.

Four identical Roman Era ship anchors were found in the bay during the 1960s and is now in the Malta Maritime Museum.

property for sale in Marsascala

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Marsascala is located on the south east corner of Malta and a very old and picturesque fishing village. The village is dotted around Marsascala Creek and the area is sheltered by the headlands of Ras il-Gzira and Ras iz-Zonqor, making it a favourite location to live and spend a relaxed holiday. Marsascala could be the perfect location for you to buy a property in. 

Along with Marsaxlokk it is a photographer’s dream, especially since it has a stunning promenade that stretches all the way to St Thomas Bay and its creek is littered with the traditional and colourful fishing boats that Malta is so famous for. During the hot summer months Marsascala really comes alive, with thousands of locals and tourists heading to this part of Malta for a well-deserved break. As expected, the village has many modern facilities geared towards catering for the tourism and leisure industries and at this time the bars and restaurants are always packed with people.

In line with so much of this part of Malta, the surrounding area has its share of interesting archaeology such as Roman villas, baths and early Christian catacombs. Here one will also come across the mysterious cart-ruts that can be found in so many locations across Malta and Gozo. St Thomas Bay is the location of a huge fortress called St Thomas Tower, built after the victorious battle where the Maltese drove back the Turks during the 1565 Great Siege of Malta.

Nightlife in the South of Malta

Marsascala is treasured as a quiet and laid-back destination where one goes to get away from it all and relax, so here you will find no noisy nightclubs or revellers into the late night. Your best bet will be to visit one of the bars or pubs and find out where there may be some live music.

Places and things of interest & what to do in Marsascala

Mamo Tower

One of several defence towers in the area, this one is smaller than St Thomas’ Tower and in the layout of St Andrew’s Cross and it is said that originally it also had a dry moat and a drawbridge, according to research.

St Thomas Tower

The most famous landmark in the area is St Thomas’ Tower, part of Fort St Thomas and located in the exact location where the enemy landed in 1614. It is the largest watchtower in the entire Malta.

Tal-Buttar Tower

It being in private ownership today, this is now a farmhouse and it once also had a drawbridge.

De Redin Tower

Commissioned by the Grand Master of the same name, De Redin Tower was built in 1659.

Zonqor Battery

Built by the British in 1882, this five-sided battery had a dry moat.

Rihama Battery

Located on the southern end of St Thoma Bay, this used to be an artillery battery built by the Order of the Nights around 1716. Sadly, it has fallen into disrepair but can still be visited.

Briconet Redoubt

Built in 1715 by the Order of St John, this stronghold formed part of Malta’s many coastal fortifications and it was still used as a police station till recently.

St Thomas’ Bay

A mere ten minutes or less on foot from Marsascala is where you will find this very popular bay. With shallow waters, part sand and part rocks as a beach the area is undeveloped and nearby you will also find a couple of restaurants. The bay is suitable for the whole family to spend a fantastic day out. Some beautiful properties overlook this beautiful bay, if you are looking for such a wonderful I would definetly look for a property for sale near St Thomas Bay, Marsascala.

Salt Pans

When you are on the promenade, keep an eye open towards the shoreline and this is where you will come across the salt pans where salt is still harvested to this day.

Three Crosses Monument

A unique memorial shrouded in mystery, no-one is quite sure what the origins are of this monument but it was built around 1615.

San Gaetan Chapel

With its saint and chapel frequented by especially fisherman, what makes the place interesting are the inscriptions that can be seen carved into the stone of the building.

Chapel of St Anthony

With processions and celebrations usually on the 13th of June, the chapel is dedicated to St Anthony of Padua and was built in 1675. A small statue in the chapel of the saint was taken to sea by fishermen for good luck and even lowered into wells during dry periods hoping for relief from drought.

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