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Kirkop is a village in the Southern Region of Malta. It is found near the Malta International Airport, and has been inhabited since pre-history. The parish church is dedicated to Saint Leonard.

Punic remains of catacombs are found around the village of Kirkop with some of them remain unexplored. In 1969 Anthropologist Jeremy Boissevain published his research on Kirkop. It was part of a larger community, as part of the parish of Bir Miftuħ, in the Middle Ages until the Early Modern period and here one also finds the Menhir monolith, which has become the symbol of the village as well as a number of Paleo-Christian Catacombs.

Other notorious buildings and structures are listed monuments which include; the Church of the Annunciation, the Parish Church of St. Leonard, the Chapel St. Nicholas at the cemetery, a cross column (Is-Salib tad-Dejma), and a number of niches scattered around the village.

Kirkop is home to a well-known micro-electronics plant, whose production accounts for 60% of national exports.

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