6 Reasons to Set Sail for Business Success in Malta

business success in malta

Why should you open a business in Malta?

Are you dreaming of sun-drenched shores and thriving business opportunities? Malta may just make your entrepreneurial dream come true sooner than most other EU countries!  With favourable taxes, government incentives, a ready-to-work multilingual workforce and easy registration process for any business under the sun at unbeatable turnaround times and low, low cost, you simply have to investigate Malta. Let’s dive into six compelling reasons why setting up shop in Malta in 2024 could be your smartest move yet:

Here are 6 reasons why to open your next successful business in Malta

1. Malta is a tax paradise for the right reasons

Let’s face it, taxes are no one’s favourite subject, whether it is personal or for business. But Malta offers a very juicy incentive – an acceptable corporate tax rate of 35%, which can be slashed down to a cool 5% under specific schemes! This means more money stays in your pocket to reinvest and grow. Plus, double taxation treaties with over 70 countries further sweeten the deal.

2. As an EU gateway, Malta offers global reach

Strategically located in the heart of the Mediterranean, Malta is your springboard to the European market and beyond. Excellent air and sea connections make reaching clients and business partners a breeze, while English being widely spoken eliminates communication hurdles as so often experienced in the rest of Europe. Imagine expanding your business across borders without the hassle! With Malta’s strict due diligence policies, once you’ve passed the mark you carry all the credence of someone worth doing business with. Malta is also a great springboard to the African continent, the Middle East and of course, the rest of Europe.

3. Future-proof your business when moving to this tech-savvy island nation

From high-speed internet to a skilled tech workforce, Malta absolutely embraces innovation. Government initiatives and business incubators nurture startups, while established companies like Microsoft for example have chosen the island for its operations. Tap into this vibrant ecosystem and propel your business into the future. Malta was the first nation to promote itself as a destination when blockchain came along and with most of the world’s leading i-Gaming companies choosing Malta as the place to set up shop, this is where you and your business belong. Furthermore, Malta has immense experience with legislation regarding the internet, cyber, IT, Data protection and E-commerce laws since it has been at the forefront debating innovations while the rest of the world was merely following.

business in malta

4. Keep more in your coffers as Malta is a cost-effective haven

Compared to other European hubs, Malta boasts a relatively lower cost of living. Setting up and running your business becomes more affordable, allowing you to allocate resources towards growth and expansion for the future. Think of lower office rents, competitive salaries and a relaxed lifestyle that attracts the best global talent and this turns into a win-win for your bottom line and of course guarantees employee satisfaction. Malta’s legislation offers generous leave to employees and as contributors to the social welfare system, your workforce will receive free general healthcare to boot! What’s not to like?

5. With an agile and streamlined setup, you can get down to business fast!

In the world of commerce time is money and Malta fully understands that. Setting up a company here is refreshingly swift and efficient, typically taking just a few days. Imagine bypassing bureaucratic nightmares and focusing on what truly matters – launching your dream venture. The other good news is that in Malta registering a business can cost as little as a thousand Euros.

6. One of the best places to fuel your passion and enjoy a great quality of life

Imagine working amidst stunning beaches, historical treasures and partaking in a vibrant cultural scene. This fosters a healthy work-life balance, attracting and retaining top talent who thrive in an inspiring environment. Imagine a happy, productive team propelling your business forward. Malta is known as a premier destination for young go-getters, digital nomads, highly qualified professionals, skilled labourers and many other fields. The workforce for your new or established business is ready and waiting!

We offer a mere a glimpse of the overall Maltese business landscape. Before making any decisions, conduct thorough research and consider the factors specific to your industry and goals. However, if you’re seeking a dynamic, tax-friendly and future-oriented environment to launch your plans for global domination, Malta might just be the perfect platform for your 2024 entrepreneurial odyssey. So, set your sights on Malta and kick-start your business success story! We at Frank Salt Real Estate have the best infrastructure and connections available when it comes to finding you the right premises, properties, rentals and we also advise on Malta’s residency programmes in collaboration with leading immigration specialists. We have been doing this for more than 50 years and as Malta’s biggest and oldest real estate group, we are best qualified to assist you and your business when you decide to call the islands “home”!

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