Property in Valletta

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Valletta is a fine example of all that our island has to offer. Rich in history and culture, the capital provides an array of architecture, mixing the old with the new as it is slowly turning into a modern cosmopolitan city, which in turn has led to an increase in demand for property for sale and to let in the city.

What makes Valletta so magical?

Now recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage City, the Knights of St John built a legacy boasting of majestic structures, such as imposing bastions and treasures of priceless buildings. Valletta is also a hub for shopping, dining out, business, retail and so much more. While the large main streets are lined with branded stores and other popular retail outlets, the narrow side streets are dotted with quaint restaurants, cafes and wine bars, which offer a unique and timeless atmosphere. The national theatre of Malta, the Manoel theatre, is located in central Valletta, together with a number of museums, palaces, auberges and St John’s co-Cathedral, which is a splendour in itself. The City plays host to a series of cultural events and is a hive of activity during the day, with an enjoyable and calmer atmosphere by night.

While walking through the Capital, one may also visit the beautiful gardens, including the Upper Barrakka Gardens, Hastings Gardens and the Lower Barrakka Gardens. From the Upper Barrakka Gardens one may witness the Saluting Battery and then take the elevator down the bastions to sea level.

In the past, Valletta tended to be more popular as a commercial and retail hub rather than a residential area; however, all this has changed since people have recognised the prestige of the Capital and the sound investment they would make by owning property in Valletta. This is partly due to the investments being made in the city, which has led to the city’s nomination as European Capital of Culture for 2018. There is also a growing interest from highly educated and cultured foreign clients who are immediately mesmerised by the beauty of the city’s architecture and surroundings.

Throughout the years, Valletta has welcomed emperors, heads of state, artists and poets. It’s no wonder that Valletta, despite its small size, is now one of the hottest property locations in the real estate market, popular not just among foreign nationals, but also with local buyers and investors who recognise the potential of owning property in Valletta.