Why so many Australians are Relocating to Europe?

We unveil the reasons why so many Australians are relocating to Europe!

It might come as quite a surprise to see a considerable number of your fellow nationals relocating abroad. But what is driving so many Australians to move to Europe? According to the Australia Bureau of Statistics (https://www.abs.gov.au/), departures for overseas migration from Australia stood at 219,000 for the first six months of 2023 alone. Australia, the land of sun-kissed beaches, vibrant wildlife and laid-back coastal living is often seen as a paradise by many but beneath the surface of this idyllic landscape lays a growing desire among Australians to venture beyond their familiar shores and explore the allure of Europe.

While the familiar reasons for relocation – such as career opportunities, cultural immersion and travel adventures – are undoubtedly enticing, there exists a deeper tapestry of motivations that drive especially Australians to make this significant move.

We look at some of the driving forces:

1. A longing for diversity

Europe, a continent brimming with diverse cultures, traditions and languages, offers an unparalleled opportunity for Australians to expand their cultural horizons. This can be anything from the ancient grandeur of Rome to the lively festivals of Malta.

The European continent’s rich tapestry of experiences promises to broaden anyone’s understanding of the world and challenge preconceived notions. With the rise of a different genre of philosophies and life goals as exhibited by later generations such as millennials and GenZ, many people are out to experience life to the full instead of living in one place for life.

Europe, with its countless old towns and villages sporting charming cobblestone streets and famous historical landmarks, offers a respite from the fast-paced, modern world. The continent’s slower pace of life allows individuals to slow down, savour the moment and reconnect with themselves.

2. Europe’s lower cost of living is a main draw card

A significant attraction for Australians moving to Europe is the lower cost of living. The cost of living in many European nations is less than living in major Australian cities like Sydney or Melbourne. This enables Australians to enjoy a better standard of living without needing to work excessive hours. Additionally, healthcare and education are often more affordable in Europe.

For instance, countries like Malta are favoured by retirees seeking warmer climates and reduced living expenses. The cost of living in a country like Malta is substantially lower than in Australia, allowing retirees to live comfortably on their hard-earned pensions.

Another advantage of relocating to Europe is the availability of free healthcare and education in certain countries if one is employed. In Malta, healthcare is complimentary for all residents who are in employment, translating to considerable savings for Australians accustomed to paying dearly for healthcare. Education is also often more accessible in Europe as well, with many universities providing free or low-cost education for residents.

3. Learning new languages and encountering new ideas

Europe, a linguistic melting pot, provides an unparalleled setting to learn and appreciate new languages. The act of mastering another tongue not only expands one’s communication skills but also opens doors to deeper cultural understanding and personal growth and this is very much the case when it comes to Malta.

Europe is the birthplace of philosophical thought and artistic expression and offers a platform to engage with diverse perspectives and challenge one’s own worldview. From the intellectual vibrancy of Paris to the artistic movements of Prague or the megalithic temples of Malta, the continent’s rich history of intellectual discourse and ancient history provides fertile ground for personal growth and intellectual stimulation.

why are australians relocating to malta

4. Wanting an improved work-life balance

A key reason many Australians are relocating to Europe is in pursuit of a better work-life balance. The working culture in Australia can be rather demanding, characterised by lengthy hours and a high-pressure atmosphere very much like that of bigger cities in the USA. In stark contrast, many Europeans place a higher value on leisure time and typically enjoy a more relaxed lifestyle.

In Europe, several countries such as Malta for example offer more substantial holiday entitlements, reduced working hours and flexible working arrangements. This affords individuals more time for hobbies, spending moments with family and friends and partaking in the cultural experiences a country has to offer.

Additionally, Europeans often place a higher emphasis on their leisure time, sometimes prioritising it over work commitments. This is a refreshing shift from the often work-centric culture in Australia. With more time to dedicate to personal interests and wellbeing, it’s clear to see why numerous Australians are opting to relocate to Europe.

5. Reconnecting with one’s roots

For many Australians with European ancestry, moving to Europe can be a profound homecoming, a chance to reconnect with their heritage and trace the footsteps of their ancestors. You can immerse yourself in the original traditions, customs and landscapes that shaped your family’s history, creating a deeper sense of belonging and identity.

This is especially true for many Maltese living in Australia. After the Second World War, thousands of Maltese emigrated to Australia for better job opportunities and started a new life there. Second and third generations of Maltese were born and raised in Australia, with many of them maintaining strong links with Malta and their families here. It is thus no wonder that a driving factor for many Australians moving to Europe is the desire to be closer to family. For some, the prospect of rekindling connections with long-lost relatives or strengthening bonds with existing family members is a compelling reason to relocate.

With globalisation, family networks are increasingly spread across the globe, making it challenging to maintain close relationships. Relocating to Europe can help bridge this gap, enabling families to reunite and spend more quality time together.

why are australians relocating to malta

6. Europe is a stepping stone to global opportunities

Europe, a global hub of innovation and business, offers a platform to expand one’s professional horizons and pursue global career opportunities. The continent’s diverse industries, from technology to finance, provide a fertile ground for professional growth and international exposure. Malta is one of the countries in the EU that actively promotes entrepreneurship while offering enticing tax incentives to investors and new businesses. Malta Enterprise is the leading portal for anyone wanting to find out more about starting a business in Malta and essential for networking and understanding the business landscape in Malta. Make sure you visit https://www.maltaenterprise.com/ in order to find out more.

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7. Attractive residency options

Many countries in Europe rely on immigration for not only their population figures to remain stable, but also for the skills that come with it. In many countries the birth rates and populations are declining and welcoming immigrants from all over the world is actively encouraged. The same goes for Malta, as there is always a shortage of qualified, hard-working, creative and talented people in all industries such as IT and iGaming, science and manufacturing and the huge tourism and construction sectors. Malta offers a plethora of residency options: anything from working visas to the possibility of acquiring citizenship through investment. If you want to know about all the options available, visit https://franksalt.com.mt/malta-residence-programmes/

What we can do for Australians wanting to explore Malta?

If you as an Australian want to explore Malta and all the advantages on offer by living as a resident of the EU, we are here to assist you. We can help you with renting or buying real estate (residential or commercial), advise you on the details of the various residency programmes on offer and much, much more. We have been around for more than 55 years and as Malta’s oldest and biggest real estate group with more than 16 branches across the nation, we are your one-stop-shop for anything Malta-related.