Canadian Citizens Relocating To Malta

More and more Canadian citizens consider relocating to Malta

The past few years more and more Canadians have been investigating relocating to Malta and many have indeed done so. Malta has long had ties with Canada, with many Canadian Maltese returning back home. As Malta is renowned for its captivating history, warm climate and welcoming locals, the country has become a very attractive destination for Canadians who are wanting a change from living in a very cold climate and to those who are seeking a more affordable and good quality of life. We will look at the various options and incentives that Malta has on offer for Canadians such as residency options, advantages of being part of the EU, property investment and more.

Why Malta has become popular amongst Canadians

A long and historic relationship between Canada and Malta

A deeply intertwined relationship exists between Malta and Canada and this was further strengthened after World War Two when expats from Malta moved to Canada to seek new opportunities. Along with Australia it was one of the main destinations where Maltese resettled, escaping immense hardship and poverty on the Maltese islands and making tremendous sacrifices in order to start their new lives. 

Malta sought to rebuild its economy after the war and to create better economic prospects for all of its people while Canada, with a growing economy and welcoming immigration policies opened its arms to the Maltese people. The Maltese were drawn to Canada by the promise of employment and a chance of living amongst a peaceful nation, contributing to its cultural diversity while preserving their own heritage.

The Maltese played an important role in construction, education and healthcare and fully integrated into Canadian society while still keeping and honouring their ties with Malta. Both nations to this day are members of the Commonwealth and facilitate exchanges in trade, fostering a strong bilateral relationship with mutual interests. Many Canadian Maltese often visit relatives in Malta and vice versa, while others have moved back for retirement. A new emerging wave of Canadians, whether they have Maltese roots or not, are also settling in Malta due to the Mediterranean lifestyle on offer, the investment opportunities, the booming economy and Malta’s close proximity to the rest of Europe. 

Maltese Citizenship by descend and great residency programmes

Canadians who do not have ancestral ties with Malta can stay in Malta for a period of up to 90 days in a 180-day period and do not need a visa.

When it comes to Maltese citizenship by descend, amendments to the 2007 Maltese Citizenship act refined criteria for the eligibility for Maltese citizenship by descent through registration. Now, individuals of Maltese descent who were born outside Malta can apply for citizenship if they can prove direct lineage to an ascendant born in Malta, whose parent was also born in Malta. Residency is not required for this application. If the applicant’s parents or grandparents are alive and are also direct descendants themselves, they must also apply for Maltese citizenship; otherwise, the Maltese citizenship link will be considered broken.

For Canadians who have no ancestral ties with Malta there are many tailor-made options available for residency, all of which can be investigate at Many of Malta’s residency programmes offer extremely attractive tax benefits and the simplicity of the entire application process and minimum stay requirements make it very appealing to in fact anyone who is looking for a second home abroad.

Malta’s glorious year-round weather

In stark contrast to the cold Canadian winters, Malta is one of the sunniest countries in Europe with more than 300 days of sunshine a year. Malta offers its residents an enviable outdoor lifestyle throughout the year experiencing mild yet wet winters and hot, dry summers. This makes Malta an appealing choice for Canadian citizens who yearn for a sun-kissed lifestyle.

Malta’s advantages of being part of the EU

As a member of the European Union, Malta offers many advantages to its residents. Canadian expats gain access to the EU’s single market which allows the free movement of goods, services, capital and people and this opens up new doors for business, education and of course, hassle-free travel within the Schengen Area. It also allows residents to take advantage of EU-wide healthcare and social security benefits.

Malta’s property investment arena

The real estate market in Malta has experienced significant growth the past couple of years offering residents attractive investment opportunities. In addition, the Maltese government is actively encouraging foreign investment and has implemented property-friendly policies and incentives. A myriad of property types and styles are available in all locations which will suit any budget and the country’s thriving tourism industry has seen the demand for rental properties go through the roof. This opens up substantial opportunities for Canadians to make the most of potential income streams through investing in Malta property. The average return on real estate in Malta is between 4-6%, making it an attractive option for investors from all over the world.

Furthermore there are no restrictions on buying property in Special Designated Areas, as these properties can be rented out immediately and investors can buy as many properties as they like in SDAs without the need for any additional permits or approval.

Real estate investment can also lead the way to getting Maltese citizenship as part of the criteria under what is formally known as the Malta Citizenship by Naturalisation for Exceptional Services by Direct Investment. Read more about it by going to

Reasons at home that motivates Canadians to take the plunge

Canada is known for its breathtaking, isolated landscapes and vast wilderness. The winters are harsh with the temperatures most days in the minus and this can be hard on many people, especially retirees. Most of Canada’s population are clustered in the big cities such as Vancouver, Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal. The population density in 2022 was 3.89 per km² as opposed to Malta where it is a lot higher. Canadian real estate is expensive and so are rental properties. The high cost adhered to living in major Canadian cities and coupled with an increasingly competitive job market, this has led to many individuals considering more affordable options abroad such as Malta with which the country has historic ties. We take a look at some comparisons in living expenses between Malta and Toronto according to Numbeo:





Meal, Inexpensive Restaurant

15.22 €

15.00 €

-1.4 %

Domestic Beer 0.5 litre draught

5.41 €

4.00 €

-26.1 %

Cappuccino  regular)

3.42 €

2.40 €

-29.9 %

Milk regular, 1 litre

2.52 €

1.11 €

-56.1 %

Loaf of Fresh White Bread 500g

2.41 €

1.08 €

-55.3 %

Cigarettes 20 Pack  Marlboro

12.17 €

5.50 €

-54.8 %

Basic Electricity, Heating, Cooling, Water,

Garbage  for 85m2 Apartment

136.59 €

99.22 €

-27.4 %

Preschool or Kindergarten , Full Day, Private, Monthly for 1 Child

986.60 €

575.00 €

-41.7 %

Apartment 3 bedrooms  in City Centre

2,698.20 €

1,868.00 €

-30.8 %

Price per Square Meter to Buy Apartment in

City Centre

8,745.94 €

4,100.00 €

-53.1 %

Price per Square Meter to Buy Apartment

Outside of Centre

6,993.95 €

3,050.00 €

-56.4 %

Mortgage Interest Rate in Percentages  %,

Yearly, for 20 Years Fixed-Rate



-21.1 %

Looking at the comparison above for living costs, Sliema generally offers a more affordable cost of living with lower rent and grocery prices, but it is important to fathom in personal preferences before making a relocation decision.

The last word.

Malta’s magnetic charm has captivated an increasing number of Canadian citizens seeking a change of pace and a more alluring lifestyle and with its attractive residency options, favourable weather and EU status, Malta presents a compelling option. Excellent property investment opportunities in Malta further underscore why the country has emerged as a preferred destination for people from all over the world looking to relocate abroad.

Frank Salt Real Estate has been at the forefront of Malta real estate for more than 50 years, assisting many thousands of expats over the years in relocating successfully to the islands. Whether you are coming for an inspection visit or want to buy property in Malta or Gozo, no-one is better connected, better informed or better qualified to answer any questions you may have as a Canadian. 

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