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About Victoria


Victoria is also known among the natives as Rabat. The city has a total population of 7000. It is the largest locality in Gozo.The area around the town, situated on a hill near the centre of the island, has been settled since Neolithic times. The Cittadella or walled city, includes a cathedral, the Gozo Museum of Archaeology, Gran Castello Historic House (Folklore Museum), the Natural Science Museum, an Old Prison and more. Squares are St George’s and St Francis Square. Also of interest are Il-Hagar Museum, the War Memorial, Banca Giuratale, the war shelter under the Cittadella, the war shelter under Triq id-Dejqa and the war shelter under St Augustine’s Square.

More than 20 churches of which St. George’s Basilica is very famous and a major tourist attraction. It is dedicated to St George and was built in the 1670s and suffered severe damage in the earthquake of 1693. The area over which the church is built is of considerable archaeological interest, with evidence of activity dating back to at least to the Roman period. The parish celebrates two feasts during the year: 23 April and the third Sunday of July. A museum is found on the left side of the Basilica.

In the heart of Victoria lies the Cittadella, which has been the centre of activity of the island since possibly Neolithic times, but is known to be first fortified during the Bronze Age c. 1500 BC. It was later developed by the Phoenicians and continued into becoming a complex Acropolis by Roman times.

The north side of the Citadel dates back to the Aragonese period. The south flank, overlooking Victoria, was re-constructed under the Knights of St. John, namely between 1599 and 1603, after Ottomans invaded the city in 1551. The massive defensive stone walls of the fortifications rise above the town and were built by the Knights to protect the village communities. Within its walls lies a fine 17th century baroque Cathedral, and it is said that it lies on the site where a Roman temple dedicated to Juno once stood. It is most famous for the remarkable trompe l’oeil painting on its ceiling, which depicts the interior of a dome that was never built.

Villa Rundle Gardens features a bronze bust of the Gozitan 18th-century historian Giovanni Agius and another of Gozo born French poet and writer Laurent Ropa. One can also find a memorial commemorating the invasion of Gozo by Ottomans in 1551.