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Mixing Old and New Furniture

Every home is filled with unique design puzzles, from figuring out how to make do with a tiny room (or fill a giant one) to finding that perfect rug, wall-hanging artworks, or piece of furniture to bring it all together. And sometimes it’s about being able to creatively combine your antiques with your modern furniture….

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Decorating Your Home With Gallery Art … Without Breaking The Bank!

Wouldn’t it be a dream to simply walk into a gallery and purchase those one-off pieces that would look amazing in your rooms – without breaking the bank? Some works of art just make all the difference, and you just have to have them! You know what kind of art I’m talking about.   They…

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How to be a Good Host: Modern Etiquette when Hosting an Event

Life’s a stage – we’re constantly performing, but in certain roles or jobs being on your A-game is more important than others. We’re real estate agents and to be honest, whilst we love it, it is also a stressful job. You can think of it as being a constant host. People who constantly have to…

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Where to Stay In Malta This Summer

Malta Reborn As the bougainvillea’s fat cream and crimson petals unfold and fall half crinkled to the   ground, summer is heralded in on the Maltese islands. Such is the spirit in which the day begins – the joy of discovery lies at the heart of the best adventures. It is true that the Maltese…

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Why Visit Malta in Summer?

Are you thinking about where to go for your next summer vacation? Well ruminate this…think of a cool breeze hitting your face, after a warm (or rather, scorching) day out and about, the sunset in front of you as your toes dig deep into the sand …or… Getting ready for a big night out, partying…

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10 Ways to Redesign Your Bedroom

Our bedrooms are our safe-havens. They are the place where we go after a stressful day to unwind. People find comfort in surrounding themselves by the things that give them happiness – so why not take the initiative to redesign your bedroom to give it a fresh look that appeals to your current needs? D.I.Y….

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Tips For Buying A House: Things To Consider Before Buying A Home

The first step in purchasing a home is identifying what is non negotiable and what can be compromised. Your preferences will probably change a bit along the way but it is good to make a list of the things you are looking for in a home before you start viewing property. Which home is for…

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Different Property Types

Buying a property is never an easy task, but by being aware of the different advantages and disadvantages of different property types, you will be able to make more informed decisions. In this post, we are going to explore the different advantages and disadvantages of four main property types; apartment, detached house, townhouse and house…

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Buying a Property on Plan in Malta

Buying a property on plan shouldn’t be viewed as a risky move as it could be the best way to buy for some! Sure, you have to use your imagination to visualise your property based on its plan before it is even built. Moreover, you cannot start working on the property immediately as you have…

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Design Tips for a Beautiful and Functional Kitchen

The kitchen is generally considered as the heart of your home and the room where you would undoubtedly spend most of your time. When budgeting to furnish your new home, it is highly recommendable to reserve a comfortable budget for your kitchen. Invest in your kitchen in order to have the right design and functionality,…

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