Client Testimonial; Michael

Outstanding service

Dear Maria,

Just a brief note to thank you for your assistance in finding a rental apartment a few days ago.

Your level of professionalism was impressive: Not only were you one of only three real estate brokers who wrote back at my initial contact email; You also replied fast and with comprehensive information, along with specific suggestions for properties.

Upon our meeting, you had a fitting selection of available properties, of which 3 matched my criteria. Which proves that you listened carefully. Indeed, we signed the lease contract within the same day (and thank you once again for going the extra mile and waiting for the owner until 7pm).

All in all a very efficient and enjoyable cooperation. I’ll be working with you again in late May 2016 in order to find a property for a 12-month lease. I have informed my friend as well about my findings, but as mentioned it will be a little while until he relocates. At a later time he or I may consider a real estate purchase.

Kind regards
1st November, 2015

Client Testimonial; Michael