I have met different agents in Malta, but I have to say that those people I have met at Frank Salt really make a difference….

Dear Mr. Lupi,

We do not know each other, but my family and I have been a client of Frank Salt already twice in the last 18 months.

We moved to Malta from Hong Kong on August of last year. At that (busy) time of the year, Angele Cremona managed to find a cozy short term lease for us in the middle of the peak-season.

More recently, I had the possibility to appreciate again the services of Frank Salt thanks to the impeccable work done in few days by Neil Gatt Coleiro.

In a very short time, Neil managed to find for our family a splendid farmhouse in Ibragg (not even officially listed on the market, at that time), where our family really is happy and we feel at home (besides the landlord and his family being very nice people).

Neil was absolutely instrumental in the success of the negotiations and really helped me close the deal on very favourable terms, from the initial requests that were for sure legitimate, but much steeper.

Kindly note that I am aware I am not an easy client: besides the beauty of the place, I care a lot about light, flows of energy and feng-shui (this is something I bring with me after 17 years spent in Asia). To some agents I may appear as a discouraging nightmare, who will never find his right place.

Well, Neil managed all that, as well as the landlord, without a blink, with his professional touch and dedication. I think that the innate sense of trust that he naturally inspires was the icing on the cake to close the deal.

As said, our family is really happy in our new home and I wanted to share with you some words of commendation for Neil and the team at Frank Salt.

Having settled down in Malta, sooner or later, I will buy a property here, once I can figure out what our family really wants and were.

Though we are all aware that that day probably still needs some time to materialize, I would also like to spend some nice words for Julian Caruana who, with a lot of patience and dedication, has taken care of guiding me (hand-in-hand) through the property market in Malta. I appreciate his not being after the quick buck, but I know that the day I will buy my place in Malta, I will buy that place from Julian.

Many thanks for the attention that you have dedicated to these lines of mine, Mr. Lupi. I have met different agents in Malta, but I have to say that those people I have met at Frank Salt really make a difference.

I wish you and your team Merry Christmas and a Splendid 2014.

December 2013

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