Meet the Team: André Scicluna

Andre Scicluna

We are chatting to André Scicluna of the Fgura branch this week. With his passion for architecture and anything to do with American muscle cars, he is working in the ideal environment: Malta’s fast-paced real estate market, beautifully designed historic buildings and the rush of adrenalin when he seals the deal! With a background in graphic design it is also no wonder that André is very curious, like a lot of us, about the newly emerging financial boom of the NFT (non-fungible token) market which have broken sales record after sales record the past few months in trading, with even renowned auction houses creating exclusive marketplaces for these mysterious NFTs! With his eclectic interests we had to find out more about the person called André Scicluna and this is what he had to say: 

"Go out and explore life! Try a lot of new things, travel as much as it is financially possible. You will eventually find things that you like and things that you are really good at."

Who is André in 100 words?

Difficult question to start with! I’m quite an easy-going guy, very ambitious and quite active. I am mostly passionate about cars, real estate and exploring new cultures. I try my absolute best to be as positive as I can be towards myself and others around me. I will say that I am really more of thinker rather than a big talker and that I am a big ‘Radiohead’ fan! When it comes to football, I support Manchester United (I know, I know we will be back…eventually!)

What can you tell us about your background and your family?

I have fantastic parents who had been very supportive on my journey and I have a super older sister who is a warranted psychologist. Altogether we have a great relationship!

Do you have any hobbies or pursuits you like to do or follow in your time off?

I’m really into the design space, whether its interior designs for a property or graphic design and illustrations. Something I want to do when I have more time are digital illustrations of cars and real estate!

Tell us about your past work experience?

My previous work experience was to run and help operate a chain of franchise coffee shops in and around Malta. This is where I got the opportunity to meet a lot of people which have now also turned into clients!

What attracted you to join the Frank Salt Team?

When I had my interview with my manager, I knew that this particular team was very driven and hardworking and that they were mentored by Stanley Bonello which sealed the deal for me!

Andre Scicluna

We heard that you are very fond of exercise such as running. Does staying active help you with work, and if so in what way?

Staying active is the most important thing in this profession. For me personally, running clears my mind and helps me to start afresh daily.

What was the last book you read?

‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ by Robert Kiyosaki. I’ve read it for the first time a while back but I always find myself going over it again as it’s that good.

If you could have supper with anyone, past or present, who would it be and why?

Elon Musk I think! He is such an interesting person and I’ll surely be able to learn quite a couple of things from him!

Did you make any New Year’s resolutions and if so, tell us about it?

No, I don’t believe in the fuss of New Year’s resolutions… I believe in the principle of “if there’s is something that you want to change in your life or something that you want to start doing, commit to it and just do it!”

What do you enjoy the most about your job? 

The fact that I get to work with amazing people of course! Plus, I get to learn daily about the art of selling real estate and how important it is for the Maltese economy.

Which film have you seen over and over again and enjoyed every time?

‘The Big Lebowski’ is one of my favourite movies.

 What would you do if had enough money and did not need to work?

The generic answer would be the same as most people’s… which is to travel the world. But my ideal scenario would be to buy unconverted town houses and houses of character and to convert them to a high-end level where after I would rent them out… because when exactly does one have enough money, am I right?

What is your best childhood memory?

There are many, but one which I keep especially close to my heart is when we used to go to Gozo with the family and my grandparents. Unfortunately my grandparents have passed away and that’s why I cherish the memories I have of them.

What was the last show you binge-watched?

I rarely see TV Shows that actually manage to keep me intrigued, but I’d say that ‘Suits’ was the last one that I binge-watched!

Imagine you are at karaoke night. What song will you be singing and will someone sing with you?

‘Don’t Look Back in Anger’ by Oasis!

Andre Scicluna

Have you ever eaten something strange or unusual? If so, what?

Oh yes most definitely! I’m quite an adventurous foodie. I’ve eaten several fried insects and I would do so again!

Is there a favourite toy from your childhood that you wish you kept?

I had this ‘Action Man’ figure that I used carry with me everywhere I went… I would have loved to have kept him!

Is there anything you hate doing and if so, why?

Sleeping in on a Sunday as I love waking up early to get the most out of every day!

Are you competitive and a good sportsman?

I’m a good sportsman I’d say! I used to captain a couple of teams when played football at a minor level and I was always the one to uplift and motivate the teams.

What advice will you give to someone who wants to become an estate agent?

It’s no walk in the park! Make sure to be ready to commit fully and to discipline yourself. Once you do, then this job will be one of the most rewarding things that you will ever do: you will help buyers to find their forever home and guide them through making an investment from which they will benefit financially all their life. On the other hand, you also simultaneously help a vendor to sell what is surely their most prized possession. You end up doing all these fantastic things day in and day out while you also get a piece of the pie!

What is the funniest thing that has happened to you that you will never forget?

When I was in secondary school during the break I used to jump over the back gate from school, go across the road and buy food and sweets for myself… but I then eventually started selling them to other students and the funny thing is that the school’s headmaster only found out about it on the last day of school!

What would you like to know more about, but haven’t had the time to look into it? 

NFT’S! The world is currently going crazy for non-fungible tokens. I know what it is and what it does and I’ve been meaning to get into it…. but I’ve never gotten around to it!

Andre Scicluna

If you did not live in Malta, where would you see yourself? 

At this age and time, I’d have to say London or Scotland.

Give us the best piece of advice you will share with a younger person just starting out in life?

Go out and explore life! Try a lot of new things, travel as much as it is financially possible. You will eventually find things that you like and things that you are really good at; set goals and most probably someone will come on and tell you that your goals are just dreams…. but that is when you put your head down and work day in and day out on achieving your goals!

Did you have a great or awful time at school and would you relive some of the times if you could?

I was never a huge fan of school and its systems, but I can’t say that I didn’t have some good times plus I also have some nice memories of those days.

If you had a warning label attached to you, what would it say?

I have a dry sense of humour… (laughs)

What are the ingredients for a good party?

Good music, better company and obviously fantastic food! 

Can you get along without your mobile phone for a weekend?…. and whatever the answer, elaborate?

Yes! As long as I’m in a setting where I can keep myself busy or someone to have a conversation with (and the phone is not ringing every five minutes) that’s a yes for sure… please take it!

Do you have a favourite pasta dish and if so, what is it?

Ah yes… Pasta Carbonara! But the proper way with Guanciale and truffles!

What would be your superpower?  

Well, I’ve always wanted to be able to fly.

What will you do if you had a time machine? 

Go back to the late 60’s, when the American muscle cars scene was huge.

    Some interesting facts about André we’d like to share:

    • What is your star sign: Sagittarius
    • What is your favourite beverage? Coffee, tea, soft drinks…?: Water and coffee, can’t decide sorry.
    • Morning person or a night owl: I’m quite a morning person as I tend to get a lot of work done in the mornings
    • Favourite month: Around April, when we’re in spring.
    • Favourite season: Spring!
    • What age would you choose…. if you could be that age forever? 25!
    • What is your favourite all-time movie or book? There’s quite a few, but I’m a huge fan of ‘The Lord of The Rings’ films and the Marvel series.
    • Idea of a fantastic night out: Going to a nice restaurant with a wonderful ambience, having good soul food and then a late-night drive would do!
    • Name one thing that you regret not having done: I can’t think of anything?
    • Restaurant sit-down meal or delivery/takeout: Sitting down…always!

Andre Scicluna - Property Sales Consultant

André is a Property Sales Consultant at our Fgura Branch.