Meet our people – Noel Pace

Noel Pace - Property Consultant

We prod and poke Noel Pace, one of Frank Salt Real Estate’s Young Guns to find out what makes him tick!

Upon meeting this young, enthusiastic and bubbly agent from Frank Salt’s Marsascala Branch, one cannot help but feel optimistic about the future of real estate in Malta.

Noel stands for exactly what the industry needs: youth, vigor and unbridled enthusiasm with a will to do what is best for all. As he says: “My clients are my partners and their success is my success”.

This shows a huge measure of accountability coming into play with the younger generation of real estate professionals, many of whom are graduates like Noel. Gone are the days of bored housewives and out of work slackers trying their luck selling houses!

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He is also a snappy dresser and certainly out to impress: this simply underscores his youthful approach to real estate selling and the professional respect he has for both his profession and clients.

Q: Can you tell us briefly about your background and your family?

“I am from Zabbar, born and bred… and as far as family goes, besides my parents I have a brother. I love Zabbar and still live there to this day…26 years now in total.”

His enthusiasm for the town is infectious and he can also claim to be having been a minor celebrity back in 1995, when he was only the second baby born on that 1st day of January in the whole of Malta!

Q: So who gets Noel buzzing apart from property?

 “As an ardent fan of sport, I played football and especially basketball which I did for 6 years. I also really love travelling and experiencing new cultures, places and people.”

Noel says this opens him to understanding the human race a bit more, about people’s differences, expectations, needs and wants. This experience surely benefits him nowadays a real estate professional where you have to deal with people from all walks of life.

Q: And now fill us in on some details of your academic achievements and work experience!

“I certainly have a taste for the good life (don’t we all?), so it is no wonder that I started out in catering but I decided to up my game and eventually graduated as a mechanical engineer from Malta University.”

Noel even spent time managing engineering projects, so we know if he tells you that a house you have your eye on is a good prospect, it is! He is certainly a man that looks at the finer details.

Q: What attracted you to embark on a career in real estate?

“Being very social and having a passion for real estate, I find the Malta market dynamic, a thrill a minute and at times it can really get the adrenalin going! I find this very exciting.”

Always thinking of the huge financial undertaking it is for most of his clients, he thrives on advising them and finding them the right investment properties. The fact that some of his clients have become amazing personal friends says a lot. This young man must be doing something right!

Q: What do you enjoy most so far about your job?

“I want to single out one important thing many life coaches and work experts say: “Find what you love doing and what you are good at and you will never work a single day in your life.”

 Noel certainly has found his passion, as he professes that his career and life is so intertwined that it has become one….one big pleasure!

Q: What do you aim to achieve as a real estate agent and what are your goals or objectives?

“The most important thing to me is forming and maintaining relationships with clients that are ethical, impeccable and built on absolute trust.”

All we can say to that is: “Amen!”

property sales consultant Noel Pace

Q: Tell us what you think of FSRE and the team you work with!

“I only have one word: “Amazing!”

Noel goes on to explain that guiding his clients through the ups and downs of buying or selling, no matter the outcome, is always built on the knowledge that he has gained from realising he can utilise and count on the collective experience, history and success of the entire group of property experts and managers at Frank Salt Real Estate. After all, it is a family business and if you work for FSRE, you are family!

Q: if you won the lotto, what would you do with the money? 

 “Invest in real estate (of course!) and travel.”

Q: What is your dream car?

 “I really like the Bentley Continental GT.”

Q: What advice will you give to someone who wants to become an estate agent?

 “It’s definitely not for everyone… but if it is for you, it is very fulfilling.”

Q: Lastly, we asked him for an inspiring quote he would like to share with us:

 “Art is never finished, only abandoned” – Leonardo Da Vinci

Says Noel: “I love this quote since our life is an art. It’s always difficult to take the first leap, to take the first step, to say the first word… but with every step and with every word, the image forms more and more and this is a loop we call life.”

More quirky stuff about Noel

  • Star sign: Capricorn
  • Favourite food: Anything, but he does not like seafood, especially fish!
  • Morning person or a night owl: Night owl for sure
  • Favourite month: January (We wonder why!)
  • Favourite season/s: Winter/Spring
  • Idea of a night out: “I don’t know. The best night outs were those that I can’t remember!” (We like this one!)
  • Netflix or Youtube: Youtube
  • Ideal holiday: The mountains/mountain hikes

Noel Pace - Property Sales Consultant

Noel is a property sales consultant at our Marsascala Branch and can be contacted on 0035679979946