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About Tarxien


Tarxien is a town in the south-eastern region of Malta. It is one of the oldest towns in the country, and its population is 12 000.

Best known are the Tarxien Temples, a megalithic temple complex which is among the oldest freestanding structures on the planet. It forms part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The etymology of the village may be derived from the word “Tirix”, meaning a large stone, similar to those used for the village’s noted temples. The oldest temple dates from about 3600 BCE. The temples feature various statues and reliefs of animals, including goats and pigs. The most notable of the statues found in the temples are about 2.5 m in height, and are said to represent a mother goddess, a symbol of fertility. Three small, baked clay figurines were also discovered here.

The parish church of Ħal Tarxien is dedicated to the Annunciation of Our Lady and Mother Mary who is also the patron and  protector of the town and its whole population. The church was elevated to the status of parish in 1592, one of the oldest in Malta.

The festas are held on the 3rd Sunday of May and the 3rd Sunday of July.