Excellent News for Malta as Fitch Affirms A+ Rating with a Stable Outlook

Valletta Malta

A few days ago the respected credit ratings agency Fitch has confirmed Malta’s Issuer Default Rating at A+ with a stable outlook. The Impact of the Rating on Property As witnessed pre-, during and post the pandemic, Malta’s property sector has been extremely resilient with record Promises of Sale being signed month after month. Property […]

Our Top Property Buyers Questions

real estate Top Buyers Questions

Asking the right questions is important for buyers, here is a list of questions that you may ask your real estate agent when buying a property.

6 Common Mistakes New Landlords Make When Renting Out a Property

Happy New Home Renting

Many a new investor look towards property acquisition as a way to make money and maintain a steady income stream through rentals. One of the most popular ways is to buy a property in Malta to rent out. After your first few purchases, you can repeat the pattern once you have enough experience. Over the […]

The Property Market in Malta: 5 Things to Watch Out for in 2022

Property Market 5 Things

With 2022 in full swing, we have no doubt that the property market will retain its unbelievable run of 2021. The landscape is dotted with cranes, floors are being added to existing buildings, countless renovations are around every corner, new construction projects mushroom overnight in towns and villages and Promises of Sale figures are setting […]