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Since 2015, South Africans have lost a fortune in exchange rates against the Euro!

If you brought your R1 million to Malta in 2015 and simply left it in the bank, you would have made R225 353 to date! As a South African, make Malta your permanent EU home and start living again. Kick off the process by booking your seat at the next round of Malta Residence and Relocations seminars coming up. (Attendance is Free).

Why is Malta so good for property investment?

Malta is located in the heart of the Mediterranean, has a buoyant economy and property on average sees a capital appreciation in Euro of around 4%+, one of the best in Europe!  That means that if you brought R1 million to Malta in 2015, your Rands would have bought you more as property was cheaper as well. Your €71 540 (R1m) in 2015 will now only be worth €58 383, meaning it lost nearly 20% in value besides the fact that a property of €71 540 in 2015 now will cost €94 141 based on an average gain of 4% p.a.! So not only have South Africans had to face the exchange rate loss of the past 7 years but they also missed out on the capital appreciation of owning a property in Malta for the past 7 years…a double whammy. If you invested R1 million in property in Malta in 2015, today you would have seen that amount grow to R1 611 706*.

To quote “The property price index rose at an average annual rate of 5.3% during the first three quarters of the year in 2021 and 5% during 2020 (4.8% inflation-adjusted), following rises of 2.5% in 2019, 11.9% in 2018, and 8.8% in 2017, according to the Central Bank of Malta (CBM)”

Malta – A full EU member country for the past 18 years

Malta has been part of the EU since 2004 and countless South Africans have already made the move to the island.


As a country with an emphasis on personal safety, this is a place where South Africans not only feel at home from the moment they arrive, it is an ideal relocation destination for you and your family. According to, in 2019 Malta was the safest country in Europe and the second safest globally.

No language barrier

English is one of the official languages and driving is on the same side of the road as in SA. South African driver’s licenses are honoured and valid for a full year after arrival.

In Malta, attaining residency makes you a world citizen

If you qualify for one of Malta’s Residency programmes and you will have the right to reside indefinitely in Malta.  You will be able to work in Malta and not be bound by a minimum physical presence as is usually required to maintain immigration status. All family members of an applicant are also eligible. Check out all Malta residence programmes.

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Automatic access to visa-free travel, minus the costs and the hassles!

Attaining residency in Malta allows border-free travel for its residents to the rest of Europe within the Schengen Zone. With daily and weekly flights to South Africa via a number of European hubs, travelling to South Africa is a breeze. Direct flights to major cities in Europe takes only a few hours from Malta.

Access to an exceptional standard of health care

In Malta you have a choice of having FREE state health care if you are employed and pay social contributions. If you are retired you are required to take out private health insurance but it is extremely affordable: Saffas are used to paying vast sums for private healthcare in order to have better levels of quality service… but by comparison, healthcare plans in Malta are offered by all the big general insurance companies and are a lot cheaper!

Stop looking over your shoulder

In Malta armed response companies are a foreign concept.  Here you can safely go out and walk down the street after dark in any village or town.  It is the number one reason why Saffas resume their lives here. It is a chance to start living again without the constant fear of harm to you or your loved ones.

Malta is very good for your business

For South Africans who want relocate their business to Malta or register a new business, it could not be easier. Registration is quick and affordable. Malta as a country offers a low-cost environment with an advantageous tax regime. The country’s geographical proximity to and diplomatic links with the EU and Schengen Zone means there are endless opportunities for entrepreneurs.

In Malta no-one has heard of load shedding!

In Malta power cuts seldom, if ever, occur.


JOHANNESBURG |14th October 2022
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DURBAN | 17th October 2022
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CAPE TOWN | 19th October 2022
Mount Nelson Belmond at 5PM

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Care to find out more?

Frank Salt Real Estate, Malta’s leading family-run estate agents will be touring South Africa offering you the chance to attend one of their free relocation and investment seminars. The sessions will take place in Durban (14th October), Johannesburg (17th October) and Cape Town (19th October). Attendance is free but one needs to register to attend.

* Exchange Rates sourced from

Euro VS SA Rand

Thursday 1 January 2015 €1 EUR = R13.9781 —— R1million = €71 540
Tuesday 6 September 2022 €1 EUR = R17.1285 —— R1million €58 383
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