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Safi, Malta, is a village in the southern region of Malta and it has a population of 2,200 people.

The formation of the village, as known today, goes back to the Punic-Roman period and was inhabited by Neolithic people, followed by the Phoenicians and the Romans. The village of Ħal Safi is surrounded by four other major villages and the name goes back to 1417 with job occupations of the period based on agricultural activity. Typical properties in Safi consist of apartments and houses.

The origin of the village’s name is purported to be derived from the clean, fresh air of the area, but others claim it is based on its similarity to the city of Safi in Morocco. Notable buildings are Villino Vella, The Palace, Gollcher Palace, Dejma Cross, several churches, Xarolla Catacombs dating back to approximately the 3rd – 4th Century AD, the Ta’ Ġawhar Tower, Tal-Liebru Caves and some WWII shelters. The area is also known for its bees.

The patron saint is St. Paul and the day of Safi’s festa is the last Sunday of August.