Villas for Rent in Malta

About Malta’s Villa


The word “Villa” conjures up panoramic vistas of the Mediterranean with a large house overlooking azure waters, terraces with trees and pools and balmy summer days with a cocktail in hand. One will not be wrong in assuming these classic, elegant homes are always impressive and aspirational. Some may be historic and of age, while others are modern and minimalistic and then there are also the unrenovated gems in-between.

Classically villas have marble or stone floors and older ones have polished flagstone or mosaic and Maltese tiles, hand-crafted woodwork and sweeping staircases leading off vast rooms. If you are lucky, you may find one with original features from the Belle-Époque that has already been modernised, providing a stunning mix of old and new. The aim of these homes have always been to impress and show that one has indeed, arrived.

Villas provide the perfect home for large or extended families, a place to entertain, meet, relax and even seal business deals. They often come with more than just a bit of extra land and some have expansive gardens, pools and parking for a fleet of expensive cars. The rooms are generous and will often include large reception areas, a formal and informal dining room, while some of the older classic beauties may even have a ballroom.

Often villas will offer spectacular views but on rare occasions may be closely situated as in the case of some parts of Iklin. If one thinks of seaside villas, Melieha has some of the best on offer with stunning valley or bay views while in the sought-after area of Attard, classic villas with notable pasts set on huge grounds amidst lush, established gardens, are the norm.

As villas are large properties set on enough ground to offer a measure of privacy, they make ideal business ventures as small boutique hotels but are also perfectly suited as an embassy, guest house or a dream home with enough space for the larger family. Villa neighbourhoods are usually discreet and quiet, oozing sophistication, class and tranquillity. Villas usually have a minimum of three and up to eight bedrooms and private balconies leading off most, with entertainment decks and converted rooftops for al fresco dining or stargazing on hot summer nights.

Villas offered for sale are highly sought-after, with an increase for modernised, updated properties in the luxury sector of the market. Security is high on the list of demands for its well-heeled, would-be owners, as they often travel extensively and want even these larger properties to be lock-up-and-go ready.