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About Saint Paul’s Bay


Saint Paul’s Bay is a town in the northern region of Malta and the largest and most populous in this area. The population is about 23 500 but goes up to about 60 000 between June and September. Buġibba and Qawra are popular places for the holidays with numerous hotels.

Its name refers to the shipwreck of Saint Paul as documented in the Acts of the Apostles on St. Paul’s Islands near St Paul’s Bay, on his voyage from Caesarea to Rome.

Heading north is Mistra Bay, its headland and St Paul’s Island. Going west and crossing the island towards Ġnejna Bay and Golden Bay is the scenic Wardija Ridge.

Archaeological remains have been found in the limits of St. Paul’s Bay, going back to around 4000 BC. Among the remains there are the megalithic temples of Buġibba and Xemxija. In addition, cart Ruts were found on the Wardija Ridge at Busewdien, while Punic tombs and other Bronze Age remains were also found. During the Roman period, St. Paul’s Bay became an important harbour. Remains of a Roman road, baths and beehives were found at Xemxija, while Roman anchors were found on the seabed.

A number of fortifications were built in the area during the rule of the Order of Saint John. The first of these was the Wignacourt Tower, built in 1610, which is now the oldest surviving watchtower in Malta. Qawra Tower was built in 1638. In 1715, batteries were built around these two towers, while two batteries and a redoubt were built in other parts of the St. Paul’s Bay coastline. Of these, only Arrias Battery survives today, since Dellia Battery and Perellos Redoubt were demolished in the 20th century.

Patron saints are Our Lady of Sorrows, the Sacred Heart of Mary and St. Francis of Assisi.