Houses of Character for Rent in Malta

About Malta’s House of Character


Houses of character can be found all over Malta, some dating back hundreds of years to the times of the Knights of St John and therefore are full of historic features.  All are executed in traditional building materials such as limestone and the styles and elements are a conglomeration fused together over many years.

Houses of character are normally found in the village core, originally constructed to accommodate larger families, often descending from nobility. A favourable distinction of these homes were their central courtyards, offering respite and shade during the hot summers and easy access to nearly all the rooms, as many would also have external staircases to access upper levels.

Converting houses of character to meet modern day standards can be challenging, but the results are often breath-taking.  Stone floors overlaid with traditional tiles have a hard-to-resist allure for many and these homes have often been described as places of tranquillity and refuge, providing a sharp contrast the busy and frenetic pace of city life.

Typical features of houses of character include cellars cut out of stone, arches and other typical traditional Maltese building features, impressive staircases, wide windows overlooking the internal courtyards, wooden beams and stone slabs, inspiring balconies and façade details and much more.

The layout of rooms were traditionally separated and intended for specific use, such as bedrooms with separate bathrooms, a dining room, separate kitchen and large, separate landings on each floor. Upon entering a house of character, one would usually find an entrance hall with space for a sotto specchio (an ornate traditional Maltese entrance hall table and mirror) and passages leading off to other parts of the house.

As always in the case of historic buildings, sympathetic renovation is key and one may have to improve and upgrade essentials such as ventilation, plumbing, waterproofing and electrics. The results of a successful renovation can be truly dazzling: the combination of classic arches, stainless steel and glass paired with antique furniture or modern minimalism, are often featured in the world’s best interior design magazines.

Houses of character are ideally suited to accommodate those who want the combination of a place to live that is reminiscent of yesteryear’s time-honoured craftsmanship and the conveniences offered by the modern home.

A successful mix of the ancient and modern can be truly impressive… and who does not want to own a home with a long and proud history?