Farmhouses for Rent in Malta

About Malta’s Farmhouses


Maltese farmhouses date back many decades, with the most ‘recent’ being at least 100 years old, and at times dating back four or five centuries. The majority of these historic properties retain most of their interesting and quirky add-ons such as aquifers, stables, mangers, pigeon coops, niches and more. Due to the age of these structures, one must consider that you will be surrounded by and live in a structure that is a part of history and the aim is to retain as many original features as possible for future generations, whilst converting these to today’s standards.

Farmhouses were primarily constructed to accommodate its owners as well as the serving staff, farming equipment and animals in close proximity. This led to the spaces found in houses of character being very roomy and spacious, some featuring arches, extra high ceilings and wall niches used for the storage of equipment and animal feed. Occasionally, farmhouses would also be adorned with a mill room, a sizeable arched room with high ceilings – originally used to house the animals, as well storing and processing grain and food produce.

Farmhouses tend to be located towards the outskirt of towns and villages. You can also find them scattered in rural areas. Usually they boast of inner courtyards with stairs leading to the upper levels. The trend is to enclose these with glass skylights, providing well-lit, airy spaces which often feature indoor gardens and year-round shelter from the heat or cold. Due to their location on larger plots of land, pools, terraces, trickling water features and medium-sized, manicured gardens are very popular accompaniments to farmhouses. The combination of flagstone floors, Roman arches, traditional Maltese tiles, size, history, internal courtyards, stone balconies, shuttered windows and olde-worlde craftsmanship makes Maltese farmhouses chic and sought-after by affluent foreign buyers.

Farmhouses are also very popular with people looking for weekend getaways and many have been converted into boutique hotels or bed and breakfasts. It is also ideal for those who want that extra space for a home office or business, as the luxury of separate outbuildings or annexes, often offered by farmhouses, are perfect for this. Many of these houses are impressive large structures, with perfectly isolated wings. Some may even come with their own separate entrances, which are ideal for guests, a home office or even an entertainment or multimedia room.