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Balzan is located in the Central Region of Malta, one of the so-called “Three Villages”. Together with Attard and Lija and has about 4000 inhabitants. The name means “tax collector” or “contributions collector”.The parish church is dedicated to the Annunciation of Our Lady and  in the form of a Latin cross. It is built on a Tuscan style from the outside and Doric on the inside and the parish also celebrates the feast of St. Valentine.

Balzan is a sought-after location and popular with the middle and upper middle classes. Large-scale development is taking place in the outskirts of the village, with apartment blocks replacing villas and their gardens. Most of Balzan is an Urban Conservation Area.

The town is dotted with notable statues and also an aqueduct which was built in 1610 by Grand Master Wignacourt and was used to bring water from Rabat to Valletta. A large section of the the aquaduct can still be seen in the area.