Obtaining EU Residency for Indian Nationals

Malta: The Best Programmes for Indians to Get Permanent Residency or Citizenship in Europe

Are you a high-net-worth Indian national looking at obtaining EU Permaneny Residency? Or perhaps looking for a hot and secure property investment? Are you looking for a bespoke concierge service to help you obtain EU residency? If yes, you have landed on the right page. 

Malta is an expat’s dream, an island where you can enjoy over 300 days of sunshine, ample sandy beaches, a mild climate, welcoming people, fantastic food and nightlife, and a first class quality of life. Mumbai is twice the size of Malta, whilst Delhi is nearly five times larger than Malta. It does however have so much ot offer. The English-speaking island offers 7,000 years of history, an overflowing cultural calendar for all ages, a strong and growing economy, a very low crime rate and top-notch health and education systems. 

We assist Indians and third-country nationals with obtaining permanent EU residency in Malta, by availing of one of the various residence and visa programmes the island has to offer. With over 50 years of experience, we provide a top-notch property and relocation service to anyone interested in moving to Malta. These services range from helping you find that special home, to putting you in touch with the right people to help you find the residence and tax programme that best fits your needs. 

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Why should you opt for Malta’s Residence or Citizenship programmes?

Malta can be the perfect relocation option for you and your family, whether it is for business/investment, retiring or to live  here. Below are a number of reasons why you should choose Malta as your next residence relocation.

  • EU Member country and member of the Schengen zone, offering VISA FREE travel throughout EU and Schengen zone. 
  • Growing Indian community.
  • Excellent real estate investment.
  • All Maltese speak English fluently.
  • Very stable property market offering steady capital growth.
  • Extremely safe country to live in, with crime rates historically low compared to the rest of Europe.
  • 7,000 years of history and a bustling cultural life.
  • Very good sporting facilities, world class diving, sailing and other water sports.
  • Great weather all year round, a mix of sandy and rocky beaches, surrounded by crystal clear seas.
  • Excellent schooling to above UK standards in English speaking schools and University.
  • First-class national and private hospital and medical services.
  • Regular flights to all major European countries and convenient flight connections to the US, Asia and North Africa.
  • Favourable residency conditions with attractive taxation options.
  • A longer life expectancy – 16 years more on average compared to India.
  • A much higher literacy rate.
  • Low unemployment rate.

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Property Investment in Malta

Property investment in Malta has been extremely buoyant since 2007 and forms an integral and important part of the country’s economy. Home ownership in Malta accounts for 80% of purchased properties, with the rest being put up for rent, due to the increased influx of foreign nationals relocating to the island.

With countless new upmarket projects on both Malta and Gozo and property sales at an all-time high, there seems to be no slowing down. Record numbers of Promise of Sale Agreements are being signed month after month according to the latest official figures from the Malta National Statistics Office. The result is that Malta’s property market has continually outperformed many others in the EU and this has made the country a very attractive destination, not only because of the capital appreciation of its real estate, but also because investing in real estate is regarded as liquid and therefore qualify for consideration when acquiring Malta citizenship by investment, given that certain criteria are met. 

  • Average capital appreciation of 6% per annum
  • Rental returns of 4 to 5% per annum
  • No property taxes
  • No wealth taxes
  • Tax on rentals charged at a flat rate of 15%

Taxation in Malta

Taxation under the Maltese system is based on residence and domicile. Residence for Malta tax purposes shows an intention to reside in Malta indefinitely. It may also be a basis of physical presence in Malta of at least 183 days.

Non-tax residents of Malta or those who are non-domiciled in Malta are taxable only on Malta source income and gains. Non-domiciled Malta residents are taxable on remittance only on foreign source income, not on foreign-source capital. It should be remitted to Malta only and is subjected to a minimum tax of €5,000. The minimum tax applies to individuals and couples who earn at least €35,000 in annual income outside Malta. Income and capital gains in Malta are applicable to personal income taxes.

Capital gains outside Malta will be outside the scope of Maltese tax regardless if remitted to Malta or not. Capital and savings remitted to Malta also fall outside the scope of Maltese tax.

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Which Malta EU Residence Programme is the best fit for you?

With a number of residence programmes available to Indian nationals, picking the right one might seem a daunting process, but it does not need to be. The various programmes range from those intended to obtain a permanent residence status to programmes giving a special tax and temporary residence status. Each carry their own set of merits and requirements, with the most popular ones with Indian nationals being the Malta Premanent Residence Programme and the Malta Citizenship by Direct Investment Programme


Property Opportunities in Malta

We will navigate the market to find the right opportunity for you. In the meantime, here is a very small taste of what of properties and investment options Malta has to offer.


Apartment with pool in Gozo for €200,000

Seafront development in Kalkara from €285,000

Historic House in Birkirkara for €266,000

Quaint Farmhouse in Gozo for €398,000

New development in Qawra from €330,000

Penthouse in St Paul’s Bay for €450,000


*Please note we do not offer work or visas in Malta.

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