Making the Malta Move from the UK

Top reasons why Malta should be on your radar.

Considering relocating overseas? Or perhaps investing in a holiday home outside the UK? Malta is an expat’s dream, an island where you can enjoy over 300 days of sunshine, ample sandy beaches, a mild climate, welcoming people, fantastic food and nightlife, and a first class quality of life. The English speaking island is the size of London. It offers 7000 years of history, an overflowing cultural calendar for all age’s, a strong economy,  a very low crime rate and top notch health and education systems.

  • Great all year round weather
  • Very easy integration within local communities
  • Relatively crime free and very safe to live in
  • EU Member country offering political stability
  • English and Maltese are the official languages of the Islands and all Maltese speak English fluently. 
  • Excellent national and private hospital and medical services
  • Abounding with history and cultural life
  • Excellent social life for all age groups and a large selection of top quality restaurants and cafes with diverse cuisine
  • Surrounded by crystal clear seas
  • Very good sporting facilities, world class diving, sailing and other water sports
  • Excellent schooling to above UK standards in English speaking schools and University
  • Lower cost of living than the UK 
  • Very stable property market offering steady capital growth
  • Daily flights to all major European and North African airports with Low Cost airlines also offering a regular service
  • Excellent residency conditions with very low taxation
  • No rates or Council taxes are charged in Malta

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How can we help?

If you are thinking about migrating to Malta, and possibly take up one of the residence programmes the island offers, you will need the right guidance to make the process a simple one. There are other matters you will need to look into – finding the right property to buy or rent out, schooling for your kids, bringing down furniture and personal items, and more. 

You will also want to know which area of Malta is best suited for you to live in. Are you retiring ?Working for yourself? Or do you need to commute into an office? For such a small country, Malta has a surprisingly long list of options for establishing a home. 

This is where Frank Salt Real Estate comes in. With over 50 years of experience, we provide a top-notch property and relocation service to anyone interested in moving to Malta. These services range from helping you find that special home, to putting you in touch with the right people to help you get residency through a residence and tax programme that best fits your needs. Our team of dedicated professionals are equipped with the right expertise to ensure a smooth relocation to our clients and their families.

Which Malta Residency Programme is the perfect fit for you?

With a number of residence programmes available to UK nationals, picking the right one might seem a daunting process, but it does not need to be. The various programmes range from those intended to obtain a permanent residence status to programmes giving a special tax and temporary residence status. Each carry their own set of merits and requirements, with the most popular ones with UK nationals are Ordinary Residence, Long Term Residence, Malta Premanent Residence Programme and the Malta Retirement Programme

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