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Middlesea Insurance has come a long way since its establishment in 1981. As leaders in the Maltese market, we provide a range of modern and innovative insurance products, by offering quality insurance solutions which target the needs of each and every client.

This is made possible through our technical expertise and experience as well as being part of the MAPFRE Group. By being a member of the MAPFRE Group, a major player in the international insurance market, Middlesea ensures expertise, security and reliability.


10% discount

Our motor policy ensures that you enjoy a smooth drive knowing that you are adequately covered in case of accident. Three standard levels of cover (Third Party Only, Third Party Fire & Theft and Comprehensive) are available fitting the requirements of private vehicles, commercial vehicles and motor cycles.

Depending on the level of cover purchased, the policy is extended to include:

  • Personal accident
  • Medical expenses
  • Breakage of glass
  • Use by motor, hotel or restaurant trade
  • Legal assistance for uninsured losses
  • Personal belongings
  • Emergency overnight accommodation outside Malta
  • Entertainment equipment
  • Lost keys and locks
  • Courtesy vehicle and
    Use outside Malta.

All three levels of cover provide you with FREE 24/7 Roadside Assistance and Breakdown Service which includes repair on the spot following mechanical or electrical breakdown, battery boost and flat tyre assistance, towing of motor vehicle following a breakdown or accident, second delivery service, fuel delivery and locksmith service.


7.5% discount

A few cents a day can protect your greatest investment from unforeseen events. Our home policy offers a very wide level of protection against events which may severely damage your home buildings, contents or your personal effects. The standard cover also includes:

  • Your liability to others
  • Temporary alternative accommodation following a loss
  • Mechanical or electrical breakdown to air-conditioning and energy saving equipment
  • Loss or damage to Christmas, wedding and graduation gifts
  • Loss or damage to locks and keys
  • Freezer contents
  • Personal money including credit and debit cards
  • Pedal cycles and sports equipment and
  • Legal expenses.

The most innovative part of our home policy provides you with a 24/7 Emergency Repair Service to secure your home and prevent further loss or damage occurring following an emergency.


16% discount

Our travel policy allows you to travel with peace of mind knowing that should anything go wrong, you have the best level of protection. The product is designed to cater for standard travelling needs whether you are travelling for business, pleasure or otherwise. Three comprehensive plans (Low Cost, Economy and Club) are available providing different levels of cover for:

  • Cancellation and abandonment
  • Emergency medical and associated expenses and hospital benefit whilst abroad
  • Delayed or missed departure and hijack
  • Money, belongings, travel documents and rental vehicle excess
  • Liability to others and
  • Personal accident.

The travel policy includes worldwide travel assistance on a 24/7 basis from our call-centre in Malta.


Benefit from preferred rates

The Middlesea Health Insurance schemes offer you more choice and flexibility at affordable prices. We provide you with THREE levels of insurance, all offering both In-patient & Out-patient cover. These are:

  • The Basic Scheme
  • The Hospital Scheme
  • The International Scheme

Whichever level of cover you choose, each scheme enables you to access the best medical care when and where it suits you most. To provide you with more choice and flexibility, at a significant reduction in price, we also offer the following cover options:

  • Basic Scheme (In-patient cover only)
  • Hospital Scheme (In-patient cover only)

We also offer tailor-made corporate schemes designed around your company’s requirement.


10% discount

For some it may be considered as an important investment, for others a lifelong dream come true. Our boat policy provides wide insurance protection against accidental loss or damage to:

  • Your boat whilst it is ashore or afloat, in commission, laid up out of commission, being lifted, hauled out, launched or in transit
  • Motors, electrical machinery and equipment, batteries and their connections resulting from sudden accidental seepage of water into the boat, directly caused by an identifiable and unexpected occurrence and
  • Personal items while used in connection with the boat
  • Reasonable costs incurred including salvage charges, in preventing and minimizing a
    loss covered by the policy
  • Your liability to others and
  • Personal accident for yourself and other persons on board the boat.

The policy may also be extended to include cover for water skiing, racing and chartering.

To benefit from the above discounts on insurance, contact Marise Young.
T. +356 9945 1373
E. [email protected]

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