Penthouses for Sale in Malta

About Malta’s Penthouses


Penthouses tend to conjure up images of international jet-setters, film stars, roof parties and the good life. Usually associated as a reserve for only the wealthy, penthouses for sale in Malta come in all shapes, sizes and price ranges.

The original term referred to a structure set back from the outer walls of the rest of the structure and originally hosted only the mechanics of the elevators, but since the early part of the 1900’s architects realised the potential of this location and started making the most of it by turning it into a sought-after, exclusive and luxurious space.

Penthouses in Malta are also easily available, normally providing one, two or three-bedroom accommodation. Penthouses are usually found in the heart of urban centres but due to being fairly elevated – generally on the fourth floor or higher – they provide a location that is far above the crowds, one that is quiet and sheltered.

Due to its rooftop setting, penthouses in the modern era often feature large glass walls, an abundance of expensive finishes such as marble, granite, stainless steel, cantilevered balconies and usually include only the best of luxury appliances as a bonus. Penthouses are always found on the top floor but in some cases, they occupy two floors – in which case they are referred to as duplex penthouses. In both instances, what clearly defines a penthouse is that the property is set back both in the front and back, providing ample space for outdoor living and entertainment. Due to the elevation, penthouses usually provide panoramic views of its surrounding, be it town views, the countryside, and in some cases the sea or shoreline. Some penthouses in Malta are also seeing the introduction of urban gardens and green spaces at roof top level, or incorporated as part of their terraces.

Penthouses can also come with pools or Jacuzzis and the most sought-after areas tend to be those close to the shoreline or promenades since such properties would tend to command immediate or distant sea or harbour views. With the redevelopment of Malta’s central to southern region, penthouses can also be found here in the new high-rises, providing breath-taking views over the yacht basins, Valletta, Manoel Island and Sliema Creek. Penthouses can also be found on Gozo.

Penthouses command premium rentals and are in demand by those who want a place to stay in the middle of it all, but away from it all. The air of exclusivity provided by some apartment blocks with penthouses is further enhanced by offering potential buyers private elevator access or even a concierge service.

If it is exclusivity, views and glamour you are after, a penthouse is definitely for you.