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No better time to invest in rental property!

Over the years, there has been a remarkable increase in the demand for rental property due to an influx of foreigners who have relocated to Malta, for business and employment purposes or in order to retire on the island. Local demand has also increased, as youngsters are opting to move out sooner or even rent property prior…

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Gozo Properties; Blending the Old and New

If you are seeking a unique residence, head to Gozo and view some of the unconverted farmhouses that dot the villages. Even though these properties have been around for so many years, the demand has remained consistently strong, as people recognise the unique charm and character of these properties that cannot be captured anywhere else….

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A Trustworthy & Professional Service

Frank Salt Real Estate director Douglas Salt talks through the company’s latest achievements, while underlining the company values on which its success has been built. Malta’s real estate industry may be booming but, make no mistake: this isn’t an easy industry. In fact, it is as cutthroat as they come, with complex challenges and a…

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Luxury Villas in Malta

Malta has a large selection of properties available, ranging from modern apartment blocks and luxury villas to century old houses of character and Palazzos. If budget permits and you desire something modern and luxurious, the ideal choice would be to buy a villa in a prestigious area, which will provide you with ultimate comfort and…

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The Three Cities in Malta- Frank Salt Real Estate

In the past, the Three Cities, namely Vittoriosa (Birgu), Cospicua (Bormla) and Senglea (Isla) were the pride of Malta. The wealthiest residents lived in these areas and they enjoyed a high standard of living. However, the war targeted the Three Cities heavily, which led to destruction and turmoil and in turn, the residents fled from…

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Different Types of Property in Malta

Malta offers a wide array of properties which differ in size, finishing and character. The first step when choosing a property is deciding what type of property you wish to purchase. The different types of property could be somewhat confusing, especially for first or second time property buyers. We have listed a short guide on…

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Renting property in Malta

Specialised property letting consultant Giovanella Abela offers her advice to those who would like to rent in Malta, as well as to local landlords. When foreign companies set up in Malta, they are often also looking for residential property to rent in Malta, whether for themselves or their employees. This has led to a substantial…

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Buying an Apartment- the pros and cons

If you are looking into buying an apartment in Malta, there are certain things to keep in mind in order to make the right decision while searching for the ideal property. The property industry in Malta is booming, prices are rising rapidly and quality property on the market is becoming scarce, particularly for apartments. This…

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Leading in the Property Market

The property market is doing well in Malta and while demand is far outdoing supply in the rental market, the Maltese need to be careful to offer quality homes or we could become victims of our own success. DOUGLAS SALT talks shop with Veronica Stivala. The property market is booming and there is a huge…

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It’s all about Trust

The fast-paced lifestyle of a Property Consultant The hectic, flexible working life of a property consultant might not be everyone’s ideal profession – but for some people, specifically the team at Frank Salt’s Sliema Branch – it’s just perfect. Over a lively and enthusiastic chat around the table in the Boardroom expressions like, “every day…

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