New property website for Frank Salt Real Estate

Property Website

In the age of the worldwide web, even your dream home can be just a click away! Today it is the norm for people to search for real estate online, either through property portals or through the website of their preferred estate agent, however very few companies can boast of a property website as extensive and as complete as that of Frank Salt Real Estate.

Frank Salt Real Estate has recently launched their latest property website version,, which offers a 360° service to its clients and potential clients, be it sales or letting, local clients or foreign clients, residential or commercial. The sites comes complete with all the latest social media gadgets and interactive widgets.

“When working on the new website, we kept in mind the most important factor: our client. We tried to develop a website that is as user-friendly and as resourceful as possible. One visits our website not only to browse through properties, but also to obtain general information about properties”, said Douglas Salt, Director for Frank Salt Real Estate. “If you want information on how to go about buying property, how to furnish it, or simply what makes one type of property more attractive than another, one can rest assured that is an excellent source.”

The newly designed website is an attractive, dynamic and user friendly one-stop-portal, offering endless information on property, catering for the needs of both first and second time buyers, as well as investment buyers. The site includes a number of in-depth sections offering tips on helping clients in purchasing or renting property. Other information includes how to go about acquiring bank loans, tips for first time buyers and Malta highlights. doesn’t stop at our shores, but goes beyond! In fact the website caters for foreign nationals who are interested in either purchasing or renting a property in Malta. It also offers extensive information on the requirements and procedures for obtaining residency.

The website is highly interactive, making it possible for the users to search and look up properties they are interested in, in real time. And this can be done in great detail, even allowing them to narrow down their search to what they are specifically looking for. The majority of property listings carry a good selection of images, as well as a complete property description. In addition to the search functions, one may also register for property updates, create their own personal profile, add properties they wish to see to their ‘property basket’ and much more. The website comes complete with an electronic newsletter, for those who wish to stay in touch and receive regular up-to-date news regarding the company, its services and its properties. The website was developed by NIU.

“Throughout the four decades during which we have been doing business, Frank Salt Real Estate has always done its utmost to give its clients the best possible service with regard to purchasing and letting properties”, added Darren DeDomenico, Company Chief Operations Officer. ”This new property website echoes this service promise and is in line with the company’s efforts to maintain their position as market leaders.”

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