Frank Salt Real Estate Renews Their Support for Sliema Aquatic Sports Club

Sliema Pitch Sponsorship

The Sliema boys are back in action! After last season’s continuous stoppages due to the disruption brought about by the COVID pandemic, 2021 will see the summer league resuming with fans being allowed to join in and follow the games live!

Frank Salt Real Estate is also pleased to renew its sponsorship of Sliema ASC for another two years, showing its commitment and support towards the club. Speaking about the sponsorship deal, director Grahame Salt said:

“The club has gone from strength to strength, establishing itself as a club that is dedicated to providing a safe, creative, supporting nurturing environment for all players. We believe that sports should form an integral part of our daily lives, as it helps build motivation and confidence in oneself besides its obvious element of fun”.

Sliema ASC had a great start to the season last year, lifting the Enemed Cup just before the summer competitions started, only for the form to fizzle out throughout the season. This season, the team will see the return of Jamie Gambin who spent the winter playing with Italian A2 side Tuscolano. Jamie was undoubtedly missed last year and his introduction, together with those of promising youngsters who have been promoted from the junior sides, should strengthen the team and set the foundations for a solid season. “After the progress registered in the 2018 and 2019 seasons, the results achieved in 2020 were certainly disappointing, more so after the great start made with the lifting of the Enemed Cup”, said Sliema ASC President, Frank Testa.

“During the winter months we have worked hard towards achieving a balance between keeping the team competitive while at the same time, introducing the excellent talent that our academy is producing into the First Team Squad. This is part of a process that has commenced a few years ago and is yet to continue, but we are already bearing the fruits of the same with some very encouraging performances during this year’s Enemed Cup. If the team keeps up the positive spirit and intensity shown in pre-season, we can look forward to a very satisfying season,” Mr Testa said.

“We also appreciate the financial support provided by our long-standing main sponsors Frank Salt real Estate, as without their help, we would not be able to run our club so efficiently,” he added.

Sergio Afric, Sliema ASC Head Coach, had this to say: ”We are starting another summer league with great optimism, conviction and a positive mentality of fighting till the end of every game, with a squad that has been rejuvenated with players produced from our youth system. Liam Galea (19), Benji Cachia (18), Matthew Mifsud (17) and Nico Schiavone (17) are our great hopes for this year. Together with the other more experienced players, we shall fight to the best of our abilities in every match, to put the name of Sliema ASC Frank Salt Real Estate as high as possible. Our aim as always, is to fight for the Championship.”

Frank Salt Real Estate and Sliema ASC have one thing in common – they work hard and strive to always be at the top. They both have a winning team spirit which make them leaders in their own ways.