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Maltese Palaces

Maltese Architecture is amazingly diverse! From ancient stone temples built long before the Egyptian pyramids to medieval, mannerist, baroque and also British constructions built over the centuries, Malta is host to an immense treasure of architectural gems. Many tourists and historians flock to Malta to view these timeless masterpieces, taking pictures to share later with…

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Malta on its way to the top spot for expats

In a survey entitled ‘The Best and Worst places for expats in 2016’ by Expat Insider, Malta ranked second-best in the world for foreigners to live. This is an improvement from last year’s ranking, where Malta placed third, but it has always placed in the top ten for every index that factors into the overall…

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The Magic of The Three Cities

In spite of the rise in popularity of the Three Cities amongst locals and foreigners alike, they are still not heavily promoted and as a consequence are sometimes underappreciated. Here are a number of reasons why we think investing in The Three Cities is not only economically wise, but also means that one recognizes the value…

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The Rise in Popularity of The Three Cities

Amongst the many charming towns and villages that dot this little island, lie The Three Cities, namely Vittoriosa, Senglea and Cospicua. These cities, founded and built by the Knights of the Order of St. John, became home to many generations who earned their living from the commercial activity which revolved in and around the Grand…

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Gozo Properties; Blending the Old and New

If you are seeking a unique residence, head to Gozo and view some of the unconverted farmhouses that dot the villages. Even though these properties have been around for so many years, the demand has remained consistently strong, as people recognise the unique charm and character of these properties that cannot be captured anywhere else….

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The Three Cities in Malta- Frank Salt Real Estate

In the past, the Three Cities, namely Vittoriosa (Birgu), Cospicua (Bormla) and Senglea (Isla) were the pride of Malta. The wealthiest residents lived in these areas and they enjoyed a high standard of living. However, the war targeted the Three Cities heavily, which led to destruction and turmoil and in turn, the residents fled from…

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Living in Gozo

If you are looking for a holiday home, or maybe a retirement destination, why not consider living in Gozo? This quaint 67km2 island in the middle of the Mediterranean, will definitely give you a healthy break from hectic city life. Abounding in natural beauties, coupled with a laidback lifestyle, the island is just as popular…

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Local Living: Attard

Attard is located in central Malta and forms part of the three villages, namely Attard, Balzan and Lija. All of them residential and rather quaint, these villages have become very densely populated and their popularity as ideal locations to live in has increased tenfold over the past few decades. Attard has long been renowned for…

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Expatriates opting to conduct business in Malta

A few months ago, Malta was voted the third best country for foreigners in a survey published by The Wall Street Journal. There are various reasons why Malta is reviewed so positively time and time again, by people who wish to conduct business on the island. A number of incentives introduced by the Maltese government,…

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Malta leads as ideal country for expats working abroad

Another first for Malta! The island’s reputation among expats is flourishing and following the recent survey by the Wall Street Journal which placed Malta as the third best country to retire, Malta has now scored another top position, being voted as the best place to work abroad. According to InterNations, an information site and social…

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