Malta: Your Second Home in Europe

If you have been thinking about relocating to Europe, Malta is a gem worthy of your attention.

Similar to South Africa, Malta is known for its long hours of glorious sunshine and the sizzling summers cooled by crystal clear waters. It also ranks as one of the safest countries in Europe and has a fully developed and stable economy. These are the same reasons why many South Africans choose to stay in Malta not just as tourists but as residents and citizens. Whether you are planning to move to Malta to get a second passport, for better work opportunities, or just to make a change in scenery, this country has it all.


✔️One of the safest countries in Europe

✔️Stable economy

✔️EU member country

✔️English speaking country

✔️Visa-free travel to 183 countries

✔️No wealth tax

In addition to these benefits, Malta is a great choice for South Africans looking to permanently move to Europe. It is a home to a booming expat community that enjoys the hospitality of the local population and the multicultural spirit of the islands.


PopulationUnder 500,000
Location Malta lies in the central Mediterranean Sea, 93 km (58 mi) south of Sicily and 290 km (180 mi) from the nearest point of the North African mainland
Drives On TheLeft
Official LanguagesMaltese and English
Capital CityValletta
ClimateMediterranean climate with mild, rainy winters and hot dry summers



Option 1: Get a Malta Residency Permit

If you want to stay in Malta for more than three months, you will need a permit from the immigration authorities which is granted on specific grounds. Below is a residency program available for South Africans:

- Malta Permanent Residence Programme (MPRP)

  • The Malta Permanent Residence Programme is a residency-by-investment program which entitles a beneficiary to the right to reside in Malta permanently. It is by far one of the most attractive residence programmes available to individuals looking at obtaining permanent residence in an EU country that also forms part of the Schengen Zone.

- Malta Global Residence Programme

  • Malta Global Residence Programme allows people who buy or rent a property in Malta and direct their income to Malta to qualify from a residence permit. In order to qualify for residency, under the new Global Residence Programme, one needs to buy a property of €220,000 or over (if the property is in the South of Malta or in Gozo) or of a minimum value of €275,000 for properties in Central and Northern Malta.

Option 2: Obtain a Citizenship by Direct Investment

- Malta Citizenship by Direct Investment

  • Malta Citizenship by Direct Investment allow South African citizens, along with their family dependants to obtain citizenship by making a direct investment in the country. This will also grant applicants a Maltese and EU Passport.