Masterclass in Real Estate

2nd April - 25th April

About this course

Whether you want to learn the fundamentals of real estate in Malta, or explore what a career in real estate is all about, we’ve got a programme for you. A career in the real estate industry is known for being not only highly rewarding and intensely challenging, but also one that pays well. Yet, without solid training and insider tips, you may not even get your foot in the door.

If you have always wanted to find out more about what working in real estate is all about, but have always held back, then this course is just right for you. Frank Salt Real Estate’s first-ever Masterclass in Real Estate will provide you with a comprehensive snapshot of what a career in real estate is all about, covering topics such as buying, selling and leasing property, as well as how the real estate market in Malta works and procedures involved when acquiring a property.

You will also learn how to time-manage your schedule and your finances, how to network and build quality relationships, and how to create a plan that accomplishes YOUR goals. Our trainers are industry leaders and experts in real estate, guided by more than 50 years of experience in the field and set with real estate industry standards to give you the best background when establishing a career in real estate.

By the end of the course, you will acquire the basic professional knowledge and appropriate skills related to the roles of an estate agent, and you will be in a better position to decide if real estate is just right for you and take your career to the next level.

8 Sessions

16 Hours

20 Experts



 An introduction to real estate in Malta – part 1

  • Types and categories of property
    • Terraced houses, villas, etc
    • Residential vs commercial
    • Developments and SDAs
  • The growth of real estate sector in Malta
  • Fundamental vocabulary
  • Legal issues to look out for (e.g. height limitations, permits, etc)

 An introduction to real estate in Malta – part 2

  • Factors influencing the demand and supply of real estate in Malta
  • An introduction to regulations covering real estate
  • The functions and role of a notary
  • The role of an estate agency. Why buy through an agency
    • Added value, large selection of property, etc
  • The process of buying a property
  • A promise of sale, sanction letter, contract, land title, etc.
  • The functions and role of the bank

How a real estate agency operates

  • Agency formulas
    • Sansar
    • Franchises
    • Main head office with branches
  • Commissions and referrals
    • Sales commission structures
    • Letting commission structures
    • Viewing commissions
  • What to look out for when choosing a real estate agency to buy / rent a property
  • What to look out for when choosing a real estate agency to work for

Anti-Money Laundering

  • An introduction to anti-money laundering
    • what to look out for
    • examples of suspicious activity and red flag indicators for money laundering within Real Estate Business;
    • Maltese Legal and Regulatory Requirements.
    • The role of the Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit (FIAU)

Data Protection in real estate

Evaluating and pricing property

  • what makes a good property (price, location) appraisal techniques and calculations

Type of clients

  • Buy to let clients
  • Second time buyer
  • First time buyer
  • Foreign clients moving to work here
  • Foreign clients taking up residency
  • Foreign clients opening or relocating their business
  • Property investors and speculators

 Types of markets

  • Influence of the economy on the real estate market
  • Buyers’ market
  • Sellers’ market
  • Buy to let market

Commercial property

  • Types of commercial property
  • Dealing with commercial clients
  • The process of leasing or selling commercial property

 Foreign clients

  • Why move to malta
  • Residency options
  • Process of taking up residency

The art of selling

  • Sales approaches
  • Importance of meeting customer expectations.
  • The art of listening and understanding the client
  • Communication skills
  • Managing customer perceptions
  • The importance of a prompt service
  • Closing a sale
  • How to follow through a sale
  • Factors that will make a property sell faster

The rental market

  • Landlord obligations
  • How to rent your property fast
  • How to calculate rental return
  • Types of rental clients (expats, maltese, foreigners looking at relocation)
  • The rental contact
  • Short let vs Short let vs long let
  • Licenses required
  • Taxes to pay

The art of letting

  • Factors that will make a property let faster
  • The standard contractual clauses in a letting contract
  • Common financing products available for buy to let investments

Properties in Gozo

 Taxation for purchasing and selling properties

 Dealing with owners and landlords

  • registering property (how to go about it and how to find properties)
  • Deal effectively with owners and landlords
  • How to promote your property viewings
  • Overcoming common objections to the sale
  • Putting forward offers
  • Importance of feedback and staying in touch
  • Property valuations

Networking and building relationships

  • Friends
  • Ex colleagues, work mates
  • Company referrals (e.g. gaming)
  • Legal, corporate and professional services firms
  • Local clubs (band, sports, etc)
  • Networking events

 Marketing your property

  • Traditional methods
  • Online advertising
  • Social media and online presence
  • Linked In and referral sites

Developing yourself to be a property consultant                            

  • Motivation
  • Time management
  • How to manage your money when working without a fixed income
  • Goal setting
  • What you do when you get stuck (getting out of comfort zone)
  • Stay focused
  • Mind setting

“It is not what happens to you that determines how far you go in life; it is what you do with what happens to you.”

Zig Ziglar

Course Outline

The course consists of eight 2-hour sessions held in the evening from 6pm till 8pm.
Each session will be in the form of a lecture delivered by real estate experts, who will also be sharing hands-on practical insights on what working real estate is all about. Lecture notes will also be provided.
Following successful completion of the course, a certificate of attendance will be awarded.
Should you wish, you will also have the opportunity to meet up with Frank Salt Real Estate’s careers experts for a one-to-one session to discuss your career prospects in real estate.


Good knowledge of English
The course is taught in English
16 hours
Tuesdays and Thursday evenings
6pm till 8pm
AX The Palace Malta – Sliema
Tue 2 April 2019 – Thu 25 April 2019
Certificate, Lecture notes


Adrian Attard, Property Letting Consultant

I come from a background in catering where I worked in various different high end and fine dining establishments. I loved the rush, the aggression for perfection and the constant push for consistency. However, after a while, I decided that I needed a change and experience new things in life. I chose real estate because of the flexibility and the return. If one invests enough time in this job the return and the satisfaction of helping people finding the right property, the satisfaction is endless. It wasn’t easy for the first year, but persistence is always key to achieve one’s dreams and goals.

George Attard, Property Sales Consultant
May I introduce myself as George Attard. I spent 25 years in the Civil Protection Department. It wasn’t an easy job, however, at the end of each day, it gave me a lot of satisfaction. A fireman must be alert and always focused. I faced all kinds of accidents and sometimes high-risk experiences. Nevertheless, with the blessing of God, I managed to complete the full service. Afterward, I was interested in joining the property estate market. Luckily, I found a vacancy with Frank Salt Real Estate! This opportunity changed my lifestyle completely as I started to meet with new people such as notaries, bank personnel, architects and lawyers. I am glad and elated to work with this team. It gives you wings!
Grace Gauchi, Property Sales Consultant
“I had been working in the catering business for over 20 years and needed a change. By chance, I came across a flyer for a career in real estate with Frank Salt and I thought I would give it a try, apply and see what the outcome would be. To my surprise the interview went well and I was offered a job with Frank Salt Real Estate in Gozo. This job gives you satisfaction, helps you achieve goals that you never thought you could achieve before and helps you push yourself even higher. With dedication, flexibility and determination you can achieve anything!”
Clint Spiteri, Property Sales Consultant
My previous employment was within the catering industry working as a chef in the kitchen however I needed a new challenge. Real estate always interested me and it was the right thing to do at the right time. It was a risk that I had to take, and I am glad I took it. Real estate changed my lifestyle completely mainly by having a more flexible schedule, more money in my account and a larger network of people. There is a saying that I love: Make a passion an obsession and you’ll never work a day in your life. I’m obsessed with real estate and it does not feel like work to me. So that is my message to you: If you can transition your passion into an obsession, you’re going to live happily ever after.
Conrad Muscat, Property Sales Consultant
I was a director in the import retail company for 25 years. I joined Frank Salt Real Estate in 2013 and never looked back again. I had a better quality life, met many new people and socialised more. The beauty of this job is that every day can be a different day. If one works hard it is easy to earn an excellent income.
Maryse Attard Montalto, Property Sales Consultant
I worked in the hotel industry for 36 years and was Sales and Marketing Manager of Roosendaal Hotels for the last 20 years. Although I enjoyed my career in the tourism industry, when I felt I needed a change as I was spending too much time in an office, I was immediately drawn to the real estate industry where I could use my experience in sales in a different field. I was attracted to the idea of constantly meeting new people and seeing different properties as well as the opportunity to earn good money – the harder you work, the more you can earn! Frank Salt offers ongoing training and team building activities as well as many social events so apart from working hard, we also have plenty of fun. I cannot imagine going back to a boring office job ever again!

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