Finding an office space for a start-up company

Regus Offices

Running a start-up company is no easy task, but finding the ideal office space is the first step to making it possible! One must find the ideal office which is tailored to the specific situation of the particular company.

Certain questions needs to be asked such as;

Do I require a quiet environment or an open collaborate space?

Make sure that the layout of your office space reflects the type of company you are running. A creative company such as those in software design or gaming, usually require open spaces and large meeting rooms to discuss ideas for further creativity. Contrastingly, a small law or financial company would require a quiet environment that allows them to focus on the office work at hand.

How much office space do I require?

Investing in too much office space when it is not necessarily needed is an extra expense which could be avoided, particularly for start up companies. Regus Offices in Swatar and BOSI offices in Mriehel are ideal for smaller spaces and start up companies.

How long should your initial letting contract be?

Signing a contract for too long a let could have consequences in the near future. If you cannot predict the success or growth of your company, your limited office space might be too little to hold the sudden increase of employees and necessary equipment. Ensure that your office space will reflect your company size for months in advance.

Does it have the necessary amenities?

Amenities are what turn an office environment into a home. Having a comfortable kitchen space, a professional conference room, ample parking for employees, suitable lavatories, adequate space for technology and other equipment, including the possibility for high internet connectivity and good infrastructure. These are things that have to be looked out for if one is planning of running a successful business in a new office space.

Is it affordable?

Last but not least, a start up company has to take certain risks, so investing in an office space needs to be calculated in order to ensure the running of a successful business. Calculations should be done by running the total costs over a month on the entire team rather than the cost for each individual. Moreover, always keep in mind the hidden costs that are inevitable such as utilities, furniture and other commodities.

Keep in mind that the chosen location for your office space will impact its price greatly. If being in a central area is critical to running your business, then if deemed affordable, proceed with these plans. However, if your company can run easily in an industrial area, where prices are more affordable, do consider starting up there.

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