An introduction to doing business in Malta

business in Malta

Since the dawn of the 21st century, Malta has worked hard at establishing itself as a competitive centre within several industries, offering ideal commercial property for international companies to operate from and do business in Malta. It has embarked on an ambitious programme to become the Financial Hub of the Mediterranean and Southern Europe, as well as offering excellent opportunities to participants in tourism, gaming, pharmaceutical, ITC and maritime industries, amongst others.

A Strategic Location

Our strategic location makes Malta an ideal stepping-stone for anybody wishing to do business in Malta and tap into the markets of Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. A quick look at Malta’s rich history makes it clear that this has been the case since the Roman times, and then throughout the Empires that followed, with Malta being used as a base from which to control or exert influence over the Mediterranean basin, Southern Europe and North Africa.

The advent of new technology and internalisation have extended Malta’s reach even beyond. It is for good reason that the Maltese government, along with the private participants, is offering such a foothold to investors with their sights on the lucrative markets that surround us.

The island also boasts of a state of the art telecommunication network, excellent air and sea connections to all parts of the world. With a three hours flight radius from Malta one can reach any city in Europe, North Africa and the Eastern Mediterranean shores. All major airlines have a Malta connection, with some also holding Malta as a major hub for their operations, such as Lufthansa and Ryanair. These connections are augmented by Malta’s very own national airline.

An excellent lifestyle

It is important to keep in mind that Malta is also a holiday destination attracting just under 1.2 million visitors every year. Many come here for our sun and clean Mediterranean Sea whilst many others marvel at our diverse heritage and culture, with sites located within a stone’s throw of each other and which can be visited without too much travelling inconvenience. This ensures that the island is always brimming with activity and leisurely things to do, making the islands ideal not only to work but also to play and enjoy our Mediterranean lifestyle.

If you are considering setting up your business in Malta, you have come to the right place. There are several aspects that you are currently considering, with a principal one being the premises where to operate from. Although you may opt to search for such property on your own, your best option is to find a professional commercial property agent to assist you with, possibly even manage, the transaction for you. And who better than Frank Salt Real Estate?

This guide is designed to give an insight into doing business in Malta and owning commercial property in Malta, together with relevant background information, which will be of assistance to any organisation considering the setting up of a business here. It highlights the services our company’s Commercial Property Division can offer you, and includes samples of commercial property that might be ideal to any such investor.