Complete Guide to Property and Residency in Malta

All you need to know about buying or renting a house, citizenship, residency in malta, and more!

We are pleased to provide you with a complete guide to all you need to know about property and residency in Malta and Gozo. In this publication, you will find extensive information about what makes Malta an attractive residency option for foreign nationals looking at taking up residency in a tax favourable country.

You will also find information about the regulations governing buying and selling property in Malta, how to go about it, rental investment options in Malta, buying a holiday home and much more. You will also find other helpful information when relocating to Malta, such as information on importation of personal belongings, cars and pets to Malta, the local health and education systems, as well as leisure activities and expat organisations and clubs on the Maltese Islands.

This complete guide to Malta also includes information about the Malta Citizenship by Investment Programme and what this entails.

The Maltese islands are quietly prospering and steadily attracting foreign nationals. Many European states must be envious of Malta, where property prices have not only consistently-withstood international recessions and crises, but have ensured a gradual and steady appreciation. With its delightful lifestyle, Mediterranean climate and attractive incentives, Malta is surely a favourite spot to buy a holiday home, invest in or relocate to. At Frank Salt Real Estate, we can help you do so wisely and with full peace of mind.

If you are interesting in pursuing the idea of buying or renting a property in Malta contact our team of experienced estate agents to get more information.