Are Women Real Estate Agents Changing the Game?

31st August, 2022
women in real estate


Women in Real Estate

If anyone wants to have an honest opinion of the struggle women had to go through before eventual liberation and empowerment, look no further than Germaine Greer, the Australian writer and public intellectual who is seen as the primary voice of the radical feminist movement from the latter half of the 20th century.

Her opinions may have seemed radical at the time, but due to her efforts towards getting equal rights for women and many others like her, today’s world is a different place where men and women are seen as equals across all platforms. Now there are stay-at-home dads, women who employ their spouses or are even their husband’s bosses or managers.

The real estate industry was until some years ago − like so many other corporate sectors − mainly the domain of men. Suffice to say, this fact is now a mere footnote in the history books of many companies globally, including real estate. When it comes to today’s top earners in this sector, many companies report that many of their superstars are, in fact, women.

Women have an edge over men in the real estate industry, for when it comes to networking, multitasking and negotiations, their persistence and levels of empathy are rarely matched by men. This is not the only arsenal of secret weapons women possess innately: the way women have been engineered by nature makes them more patient, more sensitive to clients’ needs and are better listeners than men.

Women estate agents are also far more intuitive when it comes to knowing what a client wants than their male counterparts. Enough said, so where is the proof one may ask?

Some of Malta’s most successful agents are women and come from varied backgrounds: from stay-at-home mothers who were ready to resume a career, others who hail from tourism and catering backgrounds, while others worked as teachers, fitness coaches and more.

Why is real estate an ideal career for women?

The property industry is one of the professions where women really shine. It does not matter whether you are a graduate fresh out of university, a mother of young children or have never had an occupation before. The pure fact that women possess all the qualities we have spoken about makes them perfect for a job in real estate.

“Women have an edge over men in the real estate industry”​

Many other careers demand long office hours away from one’s family, but when one is an estate agent, they have flexible working hours that allows them the freedom to shape their life around their career and to work from home most of the time.

“Being a successful real estate agent depends on how much work the person puts into it and how quickly one adapts. Working as a real estate agent has numerous benefits: the job is extremely flexible and you are in control of your day, so you can structure your schedule around your needs and, secondly, there is no limit on how much you as an agent can earn. If you give it your all, you’ll see incredible financial returns,” Ritan Grima, branch manager of Frank Salt Real Estate’s Marsascala branch, said.

Maryse Attard Montalto, a property consultant who has been with Frank Salt Real Estate’s Sliema Branch for over five years, said: “I spent 20 years as a hotel sales manager and at one point I looked for a change and property was my first choice. I honestly have never looked back! I love being around people and selling real estate suits me down to a T.  It’s a career that has given me the freedom I need with no two days being the same…and I get to meet so many different people. If you are disciplined and have determination to succeed, this is the career for you.”

Frank Salt Real Estate’s HR division is also a women powerhouse, led by Mandy Zaffarese.

“We strive to build a community of women that have a passion for real estate and an appetite to grow and network. We believe that by nature, women have the perfect attributes and social skills to excel in the real estate field. We complement that with the necessary support, training, operations framework and source of client leads to empower them to build a successful and flexible career − to stand out among their peers,” Zaffarese said.

Preparation is key

If you as a woman have never been in the field of sales, do not hesitate if you want to become an estate agent. When it comes to getting the necessary training, Frank Salt Real Estate supplies all the initial training through orientation and induction courses, formal training by the attendance of online courses and getting qualified as required by law.

Finally, there is ongoing training for agents within the group.

Karen Mills, property consultant at Frank Salt Real Estate’s Fgura Branch, believes taking up real estate and specifically joining Frank Salt Real Estate was one of the best decisions she ever took.

“You must be a great communicator. You need to know how to listen and then guide your clients and find out exactly what they need. I made a wise decision to join the best, to join Frank Salt Real Estate, as they prepare you extremely well for the road ahead from day one,” Mills said.

Can mothers be equally amazing real estate agents?

“Definitely!” according to Jackie Borg, a property consultant with Frank Salt Real Estate’s Mellieħa branch for the last 10 years.

“As long as you are determined to succeed, then anything is possible. When I started out, I had no knowledge at all of real estate. The support system and training we have is by far the best. All I can say is don’t overthink it, just take the plunge… the sky’s the limit!”

Joining #teamfrank

Those who are considering a career in real estate are encouraged to make the leap and get in touch.

To find out more, visit, call on +356 2277 0157 or e-mail [email protected].

Issued by Vanessa Grech Lupi, Frank Salt Real Estate Ltd, St Julian’s, Malta | August 2022

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